Soccer Fridays

Heidi Bundy

Playing soccer is one of Mrs. Bundy PE, Fridays. Good weather still makes going outside fun.

Principal Newsletter December 11th - 15th

Principal Moment

One of my favorite scenes in Miracle on 34th Street is when attorney John Payne proves that his client, Mr. Kringle, is in fact Santa Claus.  Mail carriers from the United States Postal Service march into the courthouse carrying thousands of children’s letters addressed to Santa.  By delivering these letters to Mr. Kringle, Payne argues that the Post Office-a branch of the federal government-recognizes Kris Kringle to be Santa Claus.  Santa is saved by the Post Office.

DARE Graduation

Mary Hollister

Riverview had a fabulous 5th grade DARE graduation. The students sang songs, a coupe of students read really good essays on the DARE program, and each student was given a certificate. We appreciate our DARE officer for coming each week and helping educate our students on drug safety.