Multiplication Monsters!

Andrea Harrison

In Mrs. Harrison's 5th grade class, we are pros at multi-digit multiplication. With the help of a student from UVU, we created our own multiplication monsters and we weren't even scared of the large multiplication problems! Math is fun!

Team Up Against Drugs


On Friday, Miss. Denison's second grade class participated in Red Ribbon Week.  Students wore their favorite team shirt or jersey to "team up against drugs."  Students had a great time showing off their favorite team throughout the day.

Amazing Mathematicians!

Hannah Curtis

In 4th grade, Miss Curtis' students have been learning about factors and multiples in math.  With a partner, they created a poster to show all of the factors of a number.  They are amazing mathematicians!

First Grade Community Helpers

Amy Cook

The 1st graders are studying Community Helpers this week. They were able to tour the ins and outs of our local ambulance! Officer Warner talked with the students about animal safety in preparation of trick or treating. We love our helpers and thank them for their service!

Drugs Have No Place In My Future!


On Thursday, Mrs. Jones' first grade class participated in "drugs have no place in my future" for Red Ribbon Week. Students dressed up like their future self. It was so fun to see the students dressed up!

Don't Get Mixed Up With Drugs!

On Wednesday, Mrs. Weight's fourth grade class participated in Red Ribbon Week.  Students had mismatched clothes on for “don't get mixed up with drugs.” Students had a great time showing off their crazy clothes!

Rally In Red For Red Ribbon Week!

Mrs. Mathis and Mrs. Lacrua's third grade class participated in Red Ribbon Week. Students wore as much red as possible for "rally in red." It was so much fun to see all of the red throughout the school!

Follow Your Dreams- Don't Do Drugs!


Mrs. Moody's second grade class participated in Red Ribbon Week. Monday was “Follow your dreams- don't do drugs.” Students had so much fun wearing their pajamas for the day. We are excited for the themes for the rest of the week! 

Third Grade Collections

Bethany Chambers

Mrs. Chambers' 3rd graders had a chance to bring in their collections to share with the class.  They read a story called Max’s Words which talks about a boy who starts a collection of words and creates stories.  The kids used the chrome books and google classroom to type an essay about their collection so their classmates could read about it.  It was a fun time learning and sharing our collections with each other.