February 2015

Best Attendance for January

Lesa Hyer

Riverview is proud to announce that Mrs. Hyer's afternoon kindergarten class had the best attendance for the month of January.  Way to go!

White Ribbon Week Winners!

Tricia Nielson

Riverview students had a great White Ribbon Week!  Students participated in the dress up days, wearing their white wrist band, saying the daily power boost, creating internet safety posters, and signing the pledge stating they will be safe on the internet.  As students participated, they received tickets for a drawing.  Pictured are the students who won the drawing at the end of White Ribbon Week.  Thank you PTA for all the fun activites to help us remember to be safe on the internet all year round!

Don't Get "Tied Up" In Cyber Bullying!


Mrs. Jarvis' fourth grade class participated in wearing ties for White Ribbon Week.  Students learned it is important to not view, share, or pass along negative or embarrassing information.  Don't get "tied up" in cyber bullying!

Don't Let Personal Info Slip Out!


Mrs. Moody's second grade class participated in wearing their shirts inside out for White Ribbon Week.  Students learned it is important to keep personal information and passwords private.  Don't let personal info slip out!

White Ribbon Week Dress Up Day


Riverview third graders participated in activities for White Ribbon Week.  Tuesday, February 3 was dress up like someone else day.  Students learned that people online are not always who they say they are and will pretend to be someone else. 

Protect Your Mind White Ribbon Week

Riverview first graders participated in activities for White Ribbon Week.  Monday, February 2 was wear a hoodie and protect your mind.  Students learned that it is important to tell someone if anything online makes them feel uncomfortable.

Happy 100 Days of School!

Cassie Callister, Christy Nielson

Mrs. Callister and Mrs. Nielson's second grade class celebrated 100 days of school.  Students dressed as if they were 100 years old.  Happy 100's Day!

First Grade Celebrates 100 Days of School

Amy Jensen

Riverview first graders celebrated 100 Days of School.  The first grade students used counting and place value to count their 100 pieces of candy for their class candy factory.  Students also drew pictures of what they would look like if they were 100 years old.  They read 100 words that they have learned to read and write in first grade.  They have learned a lot this year and are excited to learn a whole lot more!