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October 2018

Riverview Elementary Weekly Newsletter

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Principal Moment


Why will kids ask ten times when recess is but then want to stay in for the whole break to organize markers?

Why do kids forget where to indent in a letter but remember the name of my guinea pig I had when I was in the third grade, and why my dad washed my mouth out with soap when I was eight?

Why do kids write “THE END” so big?

Why do kids know precisely how many days, hours, and minutes are left till their birthdays but still ask, “When’s lunch?”

Why do kids complain when they have to run in PE , but can run around the neighborhood for three straight hours while wearing a refrigerator box on Halloween night?

Why is it that kids can’t see that there are no periods or capitals in their four-page story but notice that I have something green in my teeth?

Why do kids just stare at me and say nothing when they run into me in the grocery store?

Why is it that no other job will bring as much enjoyment, frustration, excitement, sadness, contentment, worry, delight, sleepless nights, and joy as being a teacher? 

I love being a teacher!

Chalk-Walk FUNdraiser-Friday, October 5th

Friday is our FUNdraiser.  We will have a ‘Chalk-Walk’ again.  

FAQ’S of a Chalk Walk

  1. What is a Chalk Walk? During each lap, the walkers will be celebrated with a splash of color (colored cornstarch which is 100% non-toxic and completely biodegradable).  The colors will be released from squeeze bottles managed by teachers and parent volunteers.
  2. How does this help Riverview Elementary? The Color Walk will raise money through sponsored pledges and laps walked.  In other words, the students are actively earning money for our school!  Last year’s funds were used to help purchase an additional twelve Smartboards.  We now have a Smartboard in each classroom!  Thank you!
  3. Where will this take place and what will it look like? The track will be set upon the grass behind Riverview Elementary.  All grades will walk concurrently.  There will be music on site.  Additionally, water will be provided during the walk.
  4. How can I help? In addition to assisting your student(s) with pledges, you can sign up to volunteer or come and walk.  Cheer on the kids on the day of the walk or participate with us on Friday, October 5th from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  5. What if I’m concerned about the powder getting into the eyes, nose and throat of my child? Participants are welcome to bring bandanas or even dust masks.  We will guide our volunteers to aim below the neck.  Keep in mind that this is a kid-friendly event; the volume of color will be appropriate for fun, not overwhelming or scary.  If a student does not want to participate in the color element of the walk, that child is invited to walk on the inside of the track. 
  6. How permanent is the color, and how should I prepare? Participants should wear OLD white t-shirts, socks, shorts and shoes.  The color should mostly wash out of any item worn.  Of course, if your child wants to keep the colored t-shirt as a souvenir of the event, spray the colors with vinegar and iron it prior to washing.  Participants should also bring a towel or large garbage bag to protect the inside of a car or bus.
  7. Back up date? In the case of inclement weather, we will hold the Chalk-Walk on Tuesday, October 16th.

Funds raised at this event will go towards:

  • Mobile Chromebook carts: Currently each student in grades 4th – 6th has daily access to a Chromebook.  This year we would like to purchase labs for each 3rd and 2nd grade classroom.  Each lab is approximately $9,500; which includes 36 Chromebooks + 36 slot charging cart.
  • What will students and teachers do if everyone has a device? With the help of 1:1, teachers are more able to differentiate instruction; using both face to face and online instruction.

The walkathon represents all that is really great about Riverview.  Because all are participating, our students can be proud to contribute directly and individually to the school.  On this one day in October, we will come together to support and celebrate our kids. 

Families can come “set up camp” on the grass field and on locations along the course.  Plan to bring folding chairs or a blanket or old clothes and your walking shoes, depending on if you want to walk with us or watch.  No bicycles or pets. 

PTA Sponsored Events

Riverview Elementary PTA presents the “Reflections” contest.  Express yourself through art; Literature, Visual Arts, Dance, 3-D Art, and Photography.   The 2018-20189 Theme:  “Heroes Around Us.”  Have students pick up an entry form from their teacher or at the office.  Deadline: Monday, October 21st.

We will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week October 8th – 12th.  Red Ribbon Week serves as a vehicle for communities and individuals to take a stand for the hopes and dreams of our children through a commitment to drug prevention and education and a personal commitment to live drug free lives. Listed are some of the activities that we will be involved in.

Monday, October 8th – “Red Rally Day”

  • Wear as much RED as possible.
  • Pass out red and green ribbons and discuss the “Drug Free Pledge”

Tuesday, October 9th “I have the POWER to be drug free.”

  • Dress as your favorite super hero

Wednesday, October 10th  “Don’t let drugs get you mixed up ”

  • Wear crazy or mismatched clothes and crazy hair
  • Remind students to not be “Crazy” when they walk or bike to school – pay attention at crosswalks and always stop, look and listen before crossing
  • Walk to school day – water bottles and sidewalk chalk

Thursday, October 11th  “Lei off Drugs” 

  • Dress up in your favorite Hawaiian attire

Friday, October 12th “Team up against drugs.”

  • Wear your favorite team color, jersey or Riverview colors
  • ”Too Smart to Start” – pass out bookmarks (Grades 3-6)and Smarties (K-2)
  • Red Ribbon Week Assembly 9am

PTA Bookfair – October 22nd – 26th

The bookfair will be open each morning from 8:00-8:45 AM., during lunch, and after school.  

PTA Dad’s and Doughnuts – Tuesday, October 23rd @ 8:00 AM

Calling all dads, grandpas, and uncles!  Take a break from your usual morning routine and join us for doughnuts.

PTA Bookfair Family Night – Thursday, October 25th

After visiting with your child(s) teacher at SEP conferences, stop by the gym for family night!  The bookfair will be open until 8:00 PM. 

Communication Options

Riverview School website

Riverview Facebook

Riverview Instagram

Have a great week.

Mrs. Angie Killian, Principal

Upcoming Events

  • October 3rd – Vision Screening
  • October 5th – Spirit Day/Popcorn Friday & RIVERVIEW CHALK WALK!!!!!
  • October 8th – 12th – Red/Green Ribbon Week
  • October 8th – PTA Reflection Contest Kick-off
  • October 12th – Red/Green Assembly at 9:00
  • October 15th – Student Council Conference
  • October 16th – Assembly; Vocal Dimension
  • October 18th & 19th – Fall Break; No School
  • October 22nd – Reflection entries due & Book Fair Week
  • October 23rd- Dads and Doughnuts
  • October 24th & 25th – SEP Conferences
  • October 25th – PTA family night at bookfair

Thank you,

Mrs. Angie Killian

Principal, Riverview Elementary










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