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Citizenship Assembly

Submitted by amy.nelson on Tue, 12/27/2011 - 17:17
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Riverview received a marvelous gift to start off the holiday season.  Dyer Highway came to sing to us!!  If you haven't heard of Dyer Highway, it's time!  They are amazing group of siblings who write, play, and sing their own songs.  Tel is the oldest at 18, Tiann is 16, and Mady is 14.  They play guitar, fiddle, bass, and many other instruments. Our third grade friend Makayla Hubbs is their cousin who invited them to come and sing to us.  This was their second show at Riverview and we LOVE them!

We had a packed house as most all of the students got to attend.  Only students who showed great citizenship from the beginning of school until now, were able to attend the show.  The students were enthralled with the band and the music.  The students' eyes were *glued* the whole time to the band! We did not want them to stop when the time came!  It was such a fun gift to receive.  Thank you Dyer Highway!  We sure hope you will visit it us again soon!