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Riverview Elementary Weekly Newsletter

Submitted by angela.killian on Fri, 02/21/2020 - 18:52

Principal Moment

We all realize that life is busy.  In the rush to get ourselves or students quickly from point A to point B we sometimes, unknowingly, place children into dangerous situations.   Fifteen minutes of being cautious, patient, and very aware of other cars and the safety of children is time well spent.  

We look forward to starting each school day in a safe and positive climate.  This begins with your child’s arrival to school. 

Please do:

  • Use the drop off zone ONLY for dropping off student(s).
  • Wait your turn to let student(s) out of the car.
  • Be prepared to move quickly through the line.

Please don’t:

  • Get out of your car.
  • Park in the drop off zone.

If you wish to walk your child into the school, please park in the parking stalls and walk with your child(ren).  By eliminating double parking, cutting other cars off, and keeping the drop-off zone moving, everyone will get to their destinations on time.


Yearbooks can be ordered at  Order deadline for a yearbook is April 13th.

Kindness Week

Next week is Kindness Week.  Students will be involved in activities and an assembly. Each day of the week, all classes will focus on selected pages from the book We Shall Overcome. There will be an activity and prompt questions to help students make connections to the book, to themselves and to our school by using the RAM values: Respect Others, Always Achieve your Best, Make Responsible Choices.  


Riverview Elementary is proud to announce our first read-a-thon fundraiser. We will be holding school wide weekly activities to celebrate reading and encourage our students to get involved in helping to raise money to improve our school. The week of March 2nd will be Dr. Seuss, Read Across America week, when we’ll be doing daily activities to celebrate our love of books. Students will enjoy a full day read-a-thon on Friday, March 6th. They may come wearing PJ’s and bring pillows and blankets to make themselves comfortable while they enjoy reading a good book…or two…or possibly 3!     

Riverview Read-a-Thon Activities:

  • Feb. 24th – Make Your Own Bookmark: When students go to library, they will get to make their own bookmark! (optional)
  • Mar. 2nd – Guess How Many Books: Come to the office to guess how many books are in our school library! The closest guess will get a prize!

Dr. Seuss Activities week of Read-a-Thon:

  • Mar. 2nd – Hats off to Dr. Seuss: Wear your favorite hat
  • Mar. 3rd – Green Eggs and Ham: Wear Green!
  • Mar. 4th – Wacky Wednesday: Wear your hair wacky or like a Who
  • Mar. 5th – Fox in Sox: Wear your favorite socks
  • Mar. 6th – Sleep Book: This is Read-a-thon day so make sure to wear your pajamas!

Riverview Learning Pit/Learner Powers

Question is our February Learning Power.  Meet Debbie Dolphin. Debbie is very happy and playful and loves living in the ocean. She is a quizzical creature who asks a lot of questions. The ocean is a beautiful home and there is much to see and explore. Debbie swims to the bottom of the ocean floor and asks the crabs “How many legs do you have?”, “Why do crabs have teeth in their stomachs?” Debbie dips and dives and bumps into a turtle and asks: “Why do you have a shell?”. She swims into the oyster beds and asks the sleepy oysters, “How long does it take to make a pearl?” Debbie comes upon an octopus hiding beneath the rocks and asks, “Why do you have three hearts and squirt ink?” By asking questions, Debbie soon learns which caves are safe to explore, where to find the best waves, which shrimp and fish taste delicious, how to swim fast and leap high from the ocean water. There is so much to learn. Ask questions like Debbie Dolphin.

When you Question like Debbie Dolphin, you…

  • Ask questions
  • Notice things
  • Look for patterns and connections
  • Problem solve

    Think of possible reasons

  • Research
  • Ask “What if...?”

Making Up Our Snow Day

Friday, March 20th is designated as our make-up day therefore, March 20th is a day of learning.  School will be dismissed at 2:15 p.m.

School Gear

Are you interested in purchasing Riverview gear for your child or yourself?  T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, beanies, caps, and water bottles with the Riverview logo are available for purchase at

Upcoming Events

  • 24th – 28th – Kindness week; Design a bookmark – Read-A-Thon Fundraiser activity (optional)
  • 28th – Popcorn Friday/Spirit Day; Assembly @ 9:00
  • March 2nd – 6th – Read Across America Week with themes for each day
  • March 3rd – Clark Planetarium Assembly; Frank L Cole (Author of Potion Masters series) visiting 4th grade
  • March 5th – 4th grade Native American Presentation: 10:00 for school, 2:00 for parents
  • March 6th – Read-A-Thon Fundraiser
  • March 9th – 13th – Box Tops Competition
  • March 10th – Minimal day, students dismissed at noon
  • March 13th – 5th grade Bean Life Science Outreach
  • March 17th – BYU Dunk Team Assembly
  • March 19th – SEP Conferences 3:15-8:45
  • March 20th – SNOW DAY Make-up Day – School Dismissed at 2:15
  • March 23rd -27th – Teacher Appreciation Week
  • March 24th – 2nd grade field trip; Kindergarten Picture Day
  • March 26th – Kindergarten Field Trip to Zoon; Fiesta Day reading challenge assembly
  • March 31st – Maturation program for 5th and 6th grades

Thank you,

Mrs. Angie Killian, Principal of Riverview