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Riverview Elementary Weekly Newsletter

Submitted by angela.killian on Wed, 11/28/2018 - 18:42

Principal Moment

In the spirit of Thanksgiving,  some Riverview kiddos wrote what they are thankful for.  There’s nothing more real than asking a student a serious question to see what their response will be.  Kids don’t have to try very hard to be funny-they just are.

“I’m thankful for guys!…like Spiderman guys, like Superheroes!  

“My bey blades!”

“I’m thankful for my family and Thanksgiving and even you, teacher!.”

“I’m thankful for X-Box and everyone who brings food.”

After spending time with Riverview students, I have come up with an unconventional gratitude list.

  1. Smiles-I am thankful that I can visually see the happiness that happens every day.  Smiles change moods.  I am grateful to see the beauty of a child’s smile.
  2. Teeth-Dentist appointments, orthodontist appointments, lost teeth, loose teeth…all are regular occurrences at school. I am grateful for my choppers.  
  3. Mandarin Orange Chicken with Brown Rice-The lunch room is full of happy diners on Mandarin Orange Chicken with Brown Rice day.
  4. Hugs-A life without hugs would be a lonely life to me.
  5. Laughter-It cures heavy hearts and tired minds and sick bodies. It is contagious and happiness-inducing.  I recommend it.  Lots of it.
  6. You-I am grateful for this community. Riverview is a great place to learn and grow and seek inspiration and motivation and acceptance and love.

Food Drive-Cans for Kids

Riverview Afterschool program and Riverview Student Council are pleased to announce the eighth annual Food Drive service project.   This service project will run until Tuesday, Dec. 18th.  The food will be donated to families in our school, Nebo Pantry, and the Utah Food Coalition.

The Nebo Pantry is for homeless and transient students in our district.  The District currently has over 1,700 students in this situation. 

This is a great opportunity to teach our students about service and being grateful for the things we have.  All cans should be brought to your student’s classroom to be counted and recorded.


Dress for the Weather

Cool weather is upon us.  Please send your child to school with a jacket for recess.  In order to keep the lost-n-found collection from growing, please label jackets with your child’s name. 

Communication Options

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Upcoming Events

  • November 29th – 5th grade Discovery Gateway 8:30 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.
  • November 30th – Make Your Mark Assembly at 9:00 am.; 2nd grade Field trip to Christmas Around the World
  • December 7th – 5th grade field trip to Olympic Park
  • December 10th – 5th grade keyboarding begins
  • December 11th – Utah State Superintendent of Schools, Mrs. Sydnee Dickson is visiting Riverview Elementary!  This is a super big deal and we consider it a huge honor!  She is coming to learn  about the Riverview Learning Pit/Learner Powers!; 6th grade orchestra concert for parents from 6:00-7:00 p.m.
  • December 17th- 21st – Christmas Kickoff Week
    • Monday, 17th – Scarf Day-bundle up in your favorite winter scarf, jewelry or decoration
    • Tuesday, 18th – Sock Day-wear your warmest, most fun socks
    • Wednesday, 19th – Sweater/Shirt Day-deck the halls in your favorite Christmas sweater/shirt
    • Thursday, 20th – Christmas Color Block Day-wear your favorite Christmas colors! Red, green, blue, gold, white, silver!
    • Friday, 21st – Festive Friday – Bring out your tacky sweaters!  Go all out! Wear antlers, hats, ornament, etc!
  • December 19th – 2nd grade Christmas Program; 1:30 for school, 2:15 for parents
  • December 21st – School Dismissed at noon for Christmas break; lunch will be served at 10:10; buses will run routes.
  • January 2nd – School resumes

Thank you,


Mrs. Angie Killian, Principal