Welcome Back!

Dear Riverview Families,

During my nineteen years of teaching first grade, I welcomed over 478 students into my classroom. On Tuesday, August 22nd at 8:45 AM, we will welcome more than 900 students to Riverview.

My name is Angie Killian. I am the principal. I have worked in education for 28 years; nineteen as a first grade teacher, two as a school facilitator, and seven years as a principal.

My first summer task...create class lists. My last summer task...recreate class lists. I haven't had a teacher send his/her list back asking, "May I have another list, please? I don't like this one." We are happy. That means it is going to be a good year.

I like the first day of school. I like the newness of it all. The name tags aren't worn. The pencils aren't gnawed nubs. The butcher paper isn't faded. The dry erase markers haven't gone dry. The playground balls all bounce. Faces are clean. Hair is combed.

I know that at 10:00 we will hear, "When's lunch?" At 11:30 we will hear, "When do we go home?"

I can't wait!!! It is going to be a fantastic year.

We are holding an Open House on Monday, August 21st from 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Come meet your teacher, rub your palm across the top of your clean desk, show your friends your new haircut and feel the excitement of beginning a new school year. The PTA will be here. They will be selling t-shirts, sign-up sheets will be available. There are many opportunities for parents to become involved at Riverview Elementary: Popcorn Friday's, red/green ribbon week, SEP dinners, teacher appreciation week, book-fairs, room parents, and more! Please get involved!

School begins Tuesday, August 22nd at 8:45 am.

Registration for the school year is on-line this year. Please come to the office if you have need of a computer or assistance to complete the registration process. Your student will only be enrolled into classes after the school verifies the completion of the registration process.

Enjoy the last few days of summer and see you soon!

Mrs. Angie Killian, Principal