Stephanie Galt
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Second graders in Mrs. Galt's class learned about Michelangelo and his painting from their art docent this month.  Students mapped out their drawing for their Sistine Chapel-like painting- on the "ceiling" under their desks!  They discovered that this work of art was a giant undertaking for Michelangelo.  These second graders designed their own version of Santa's Workshop.  Great job! 

First Grade Learns Fire Safety

Jessica Riley
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First graders learned about fire safety from Mr. Jensen from the Murray Fire Department.  He showed them in a fun way who fire fighters are and what they do.  He demonstrated all the equipment and why they must wear what they do to protect themselves.  Now the first graders know how to be safe and how to let the firefighters help them if they should ever need it. 

The NED Show!


NED came with a fabulous show on Friday!  We learned a lot about life skills and in a fun and fantastic way with yo-yos! 

NED stands for Never give up, Encourage others, Do your best. This reminds us to be the best Riverview Rams that we can be. 

Yo-yos are on sale for $6.50, $10.00, and $15.00.  They will be sold all week at recess time. 

Bully Blocking at Riverview


Our amazing counselor, Mrs. Smith, has been coming to our classrooms to share with us Part 2 of our Bully Blocker lessons.  We began the year learning what bullying is, how to recognize it, and what to do to stop it from happening.  Being a Riverview Ram means a lot.  We have a big responsibility to help Riverview be a great, safe place to learn. 

For our Bully Blocker lesson 2, Mrs. Smith shared a story with us about students who decided to be bully blockers.  This taught us that if we see bullying happen, that we can make a difference by helping as an individual or team of students to stop what is happening.  Thank you Mrs. Smith for helping us make Riverview a Bully-Blocking school!

Good Citizenship Makes For Good Fun


Our citizenship assembly was held today, November 15.  Students who showed good citizenship throughout term 1 were invited to attend a bicycle stunt show provided by Rich Wieber from Minnesota.  Rich and his son showed us awesome tricks on their bikes while teaching us about the importance of bike safety, making good choices throughout life, and setting goals. 

Teachers were in on the stunts- Mrs. Galt and Mrs. Lacrua were among those chosen to be jumped over as part of the show.  It's a good thing those guys are pros!  It was great entertainment!

Veterans' Day Assembly


Riverview helped our local veterans celebrate.  They watched them post and retire the flag, play taps, and hear about their commitment to our country.  Students sang patriotic songs for them and Mrs. LemMon's first grade class wrote them a thank you letter. Thanks to all of those who have served our country.  Happy Veterans' Day!

Take A Veteran to School Day


Second grade students celebrated "Take A Veteran to School" on Friday, November 9th. Students invited a veteran in to visit the classroom with them. Many were parents and grandparents who have served in the military throughout many different situations and wars. One student's father is currently deployed to Afghanistan. Students learned what it means when they put their hands over their hearts in saluting the flag, and how the military men and women vow to protect them so that they can enjoy all that they can do in life. They also learned a march and cadence from the Air Force! They wrote a thank you star for the veterans and got their autographs as well.

Red Ribbon Week Highlights

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We sure have learned a lot this week at Riverview for Red Ribbon Week.  From policemen and paramedics, to the K9 unit, these community workers helped us see how important is it to be drug free.  They encouraged us to stay healthy so that we can be happy. 

Who is Your Hero?

Lisa Muirbrook

It's Red Ribbon week at Riverview, with a week full of fun and learning about how to keep away from the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol.  On Tuesday, faculty and students dressed as their superhero.  Here is a picture of the office staff honoring one of our greatest heroes at Riverview- Mr. Canto! 

Heroes come to school every day.  We appreciate our teachers and parents who help our students learn so much!  What's your super power?