ABC's of Success

Shalese Rogers
4th Grade

Bobby Lawrence Karate was able to come and visit Riverview 4th graders.  They taught them about the ABC's of Success!  The students loved participating and learning goal setting and accomplishing.  They had the opportunity to practice some karate and show off some side kick moves they learned. 




2nd Grade Classroom Visit From Spanish Fork Police Officer

Christy Nielson

Mrs. Nielson & Mrs. Callister's 2nd Grade Class have been talking about the jobs within their local community and on Patriot Day, September 11, invited Officer Hooley of the Spanish Fork Police Department to come talk about the service he provides to our community. The students got a chance to learn how he helps others in his job and how he decided as a kid,  to one day grow up to be a policeman.  It was a very positive experience for the students to meet a policeman, and a great way for them to honor one of our local community helpers on this special day of rememberance.

4th Grade Egg Drop

Jackie Jarvis
4th Grade
4th Grade
4th Grade

The 4th grade classes at Riverview were able to demonstrate their understanding of the scientific method by building their own project to keep their raw egg from cracking after being dropped off the roof of the school. The students enjoyed watching their eggs fall from the roof to see if they would survive.


First Grade Flag Ceremony

Mrs. Mathis' Class.JPG
Pictured Mrs. Jensen and Mrs. Engel.JPG
Pictured Mrs. Jensen & Mrs. Engel.JPG
Pictured First Grade.JPG

In honor of 9/11 the first grade students at Riverview participated in the changing of the schools old flag with a bright new flag.  The students learned the correct procedures on handling, folding, and showing the proper respect towards the American flag.  

Kindergarten Graduation!

Lisa Muirbrook
Kinder Grad1.jpg
Kinder Grad 2.jpg
Kinder Grad 3.jpg
Kinder Grad 4.jpg
Kinder Grad 5.jpg
Kinder Grad 6.jpg
Kinder Grad 7.jpg

Kindergarten students graduated today!  They showed off what they have learned through rhyming and songs.  They sang about the alphabet, spelling, numbers, and their field trip to the zoo. Their performances were wonderful and so fun to watch.  Thank you, kindergarten teachers, for all of your hard work in giving these little ones a solid and happy foundation for the rest of their school years.

Congratulations kindergarten students!


Lisa Whatcott
Terrific 2.jpg

On Wednesday 4/24/13, six 6th Grade students from Riverview were among those representing the many "TERRIFIC KIDS" we have at Riverview and were honored by the Spanish Fork Kiwanis Club at an awards ceremony.The award recipients were: Brooklynn, Jorge , Amanda, Garrett, Racquel, Donovan,  Mitchell, and Kelina. 
These six students helped expemplify "TERRIFIC KIDS" in the following ways:

T- thoughtful

E- enthusiastic

R- respectful

R - responsible

I - inclusive

F- friendly

I- inquisitive

C- capable

Congratulations!  The program aired on Spanish Fork Cable Network, their names will be on a plaque at the school and they will be able to participate in the 24th of July Parade.  Great job to all of our wonderful 6th graders at Riverview and to these six individuals and thank you to the 6th Grade teachers for how you help enrich these students!  Continue to exemplify what "TERRIFIC KIDS" stands for each day.



Our school's orchestra performed for us last Thursday.  Mrs. Wangsgard did such a fantastic job helping these students learn their instruments and perform songs together as a group.  Some of the songs that required plucking the strings really caught the ears of the students!  Some of the orchestra members played familiar tunes that almost every student knew.  One was the theme song from Star Wars! 

Students were able to see and learn about the violin, the viola, and the cello.  The students sounded great!  Thanks for working so hard!  Mrs. Wangsgard said she wants even more 5th graders to join next year.  What a great idea!


Mr. Thorpe is Retiring

Lisa Muirbrook
Mr Thorpe.jpg

Charles Thorpe, currently teaching 4th grade at Riverview, is retiring this year!  He has been an educator in the classroom for 38 years.  He has touched the lives of so many students throughout the years, including some of the staff here at Riverview. There is a celebration today at the school's library in his behalf.

Mr. Thorpe is leaving a grand legacy.  All of us at Riverview will miss his greetings, his laughter, his hard work, and all that he does for us.  We wish you all the best with your retirement, Mr. Thorpe.  Thank you again for everything! Happy, Happy Retirement!

Plant A Tree

Charles Thorpe
Arbor Day 1.jpg
Arbor Day2.jpg
Arbor Day3.jpg
Arbor Day7.jpg
Arbor Day4.jpg
Arbor Day5.jpg
Arbor Day6.jpg

4th graders experienced an Arbor Day to remember last week.  Students were able to share the importance of trees in the community and neighborhood.  They were able to help plant trees and participate with Spanish Fork in maintaining "Tree City" as a status symbol for the city.  Riverview 4th graders are happy to support that!