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Here we are again for another wonderful year at Riverview Elementary!  It has been a great few first days of school!  All of the students met with Mrs. Muirbrook today for some tips on how to be an excellent student at this school.  Welcome back, everyone!!

Saying Goodbye


We are gutted at Riverview to have Mrs. Jarvis and Mr. Lowe leaving us.  There was an assembly today in which each grade put together a little farewell tribute for each.  There were candy posters, fun songs, and excellent advice from the first graders.  We wish them both all the best in their new endeavors!!  We will MISS you!!! 

Riverview's Got Talent!

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Riverview indeed has talent, lots of it!  Students shared their talents and skills with the school on May 22nd.  Talents numbers included singing, piano, dancing from different cultures to hip hop, and other musical instruments.  Well done!

Visit From Kinnect


Friday May 4 brought fun surprises to Riverview!  Kinnect Dance Company from BYU came to share an assembly and dance instruction with the students.  We had a full-school assembly followed by breakout sessions with the dancers.  Check out the smiles on these faces!

3rd Grade Spelling Bee Winners

Sandra Jarvis
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Winners:  W-I-N-N-E-R-S.

The third grade spelling bee was a success this year, and included these winners-

Corbin Jensen- second place, Jacqueline Doty- third place, and Morganne Price won first place. Corbin and Morganne are both in Mrs. Hall's class, and Jacqueline is in Mrs. LaCrua's. The winning word was 'racial'.  The competition started with ten kids, two kids from each of the third grade classes.  They all had a great experience.  Congratulations Corbin, Jacqueline, and Morganne!

Minute to Win It!

Sandra Jarvis
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Dads and their daughters had a "Minute to Win It" at the PTA-sponsored daddy-daughter evening with fun games!  Participants had a great time stacking, throwing, and balancing all within a minute for prizes.  Thank you PTA!

Penny Wars Earn a Savory Treat

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Riverview students had a great week of collecting, strategizing, and 'bombing' classroom jars of pennies with their coins.  At the end of the week, Mrs. Bufton's class won the upper grade contest with the most amount of money, raising $197.30!  Mrs. Jorgensen's class won for the most points- meaning, they had a LOT of pennies in their jars!  Miss Nelson's class won the lower grade contest also raising $197.30!  Mrs. Miner's class also brought in $150.01.  Wow!  Mrs. Galt's 2nd grade class earned 3733 points (also many pennies!) and Mrs. Hales' kindergarten class had 1825 points.

The winners received a pizza party for their hard work and awesome strategizing!  Thanks everyone for your help.  We raised a great amount of money for our memorial bench honoring our friends.  Great work Rams!!

Pennies From Heaven

Penny Wars.JPG

Penny Wars has been so much fun!  Look at this class counting up their change!  We've made over $2000 for our memorial bench.  Thank you everyone for your donations!!  We'll announce the class winners after spring break.

Riverview's Crystal Apple Award

Heidi Bundy
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Vivian Miner, 5th grade teacher at Riverview, was presented the Crystal Apple Award.  She was voted the winner by her colleagues who think she contributes amazing things to educating children.  Congratulations Mrs. Miner! 


This year I have the great opportunity to stand up here, and tell a wonderful teacher thanks.  This special person is Vivian Miner.  Vivian is married to Dean.  They have 4 wonderful children, Carol the oldest, then Emily followed by Dean 3, and then came Allison.  Vivian spoils her tremendous grandchildren. Vivian loves teaching.  She’s been at it for 24 years, starting at Santaquin Elementary, after graduating from BYU.  Following Santaquin she moved to Park Elementary where she earned her Masters in Math.  Then a difficult decision was made to come down to Riverview Elementary.  We are so lucky that she did.  She spends lots of hours making sure her students receive the best possible education.  Her students learn how to work hard and appreciate their education.  Just this last week we went to a play for our field trip and a mother of one of Vivian’s former students came up to us and told Vivian how much she appreciated Vivian as her daughter’s 5th grade teacher.  The daughter loved Mrs. Miner as her teacher.   I felt honored to be standing by such a remembered teacher.  I’m so honored to have been standing by her these last 4 years.  We have learned so much from this highly knowledged teacher.  Thanks, Vivian.  (Written by Heidi Bundy)

Riverview's Teacher of the Year!


Mrs. Mejken Lacrua is Riverview's Teacher of the Year!  This is Mrs. Lacrua's 6th year of teaching.  She has always taught third grade and loves it!  She has lived in Spanish Fork for 3 years.  She has one sone whom she adores.  Mrs. Lacrua said, "I love, love, LOVE my job and think of my students as my kids! They bring me such happiness each day and keep my life interesting. I feel so blessed to be in this profession."  She taught at Canyon for her 1st year and has taught at Riverview for 5.


Congratulations Mrs. Lacrua!