Catching Leprechauns

Sherilyn Woodhouse

Second Graders in Mrs. Woodhouse's class tried their very best to outsmart those tricky leprechauns this week!  They made amazing traps, thought long and hard about how to catch one, and wrote about what they would do if they were able to!  They chased and chased, but were eluded once again- but not without a pot of gold goodies from Lewie the Leprechaun. :)

Riverview's Extraordinary Art Show

art fair.JPG
Art Show.JPG

Riverview held its first-ever art show for the parents to see at SEP night.  The entries that students turned in were of such high quality, it was amazing!  One can tell that there is a lot of fun technique and learning going on when it comes to the arts at Riverview! 

This will be an annual event, we're sure!

We've Got Rhythm!


Thanks to various grants, arts programs, Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. Jarvis, Riverview is the proud owner of a beautiful set of drums!  Mrs. Nelson is excited to share these with her music classes.  We are going to have a such a great banging away as we learn SO much about music and drums!  Mrs. Jeri Crosby is helping us on our way to becoming expert drummers.

Science Fair

Sharla Thomas

Science Fair time!  There was a great turnout with many wonderful projects.  These students worked hard thinking of a question, putting it to the test, and sharing their discoveries with us as a school.  Great job, participants!!

Here are the winners!!

1. Ethan Barclay2. Bela Balser3. Daxton Davis & Tyson McNeil4. Jason McConnell5. Wyatt Evans6. Brooklynn Harris 7. Kelina Anderson8. Ethan Oyler9. Chandler Wills10. Racquel Whatcott

White Ribbon Week

white ribbon.JPG

White Ribbon week is going on at Riverview.  Students are learning about how to safely navigate the Worldwide web.  The week is sponsored by the PTA and includes a whole bunch of fun activities to help students remember important tips about how to stay safe.  Students will be collecting tickets for their participation and will be able to put their tickets into a drawing for fun prizes at the end of the week!  Today's message was to remember to only talk to people we know well while online.  Sometimes people pretend to be who they're not.

Here are the winners of the drawing!

5th Grade Super Bowl Reading Challenge

Charles Hanosek
Super Bowl Challenge.jpg

The results of 5th grade's recent Super Reading Bowl Challenge for the month of January!  For each 30 minutes read, parents sign a paper football to be brought back to school. Each class is divided into two teams and the team with the most footballs at the end of the month wins! The picture includes the Outstanding Valuable Reader from each class. These students are the top readers, one from each class. Congratulations!!

Mrs. Jarvis' Nifty Fifty

Michelle Roberts

Mrs. Jarvis was surprised today on her 50th birthday with her faculty and students wearing black and an office donned in black balloons and decorations.  Riverwiew wanted to make it an extra special birthday for her.  Classes wrote cards, sang songs, and Mrs. Jarvis even gave each student a birthday treat, true to form of an elementary school birthday.  Happy Birthday Mrs. Jarvis!!!  We love you!

Third Grade Science

Erin Hall
3rd grade 1.jpeg
3rd Grade 2.jpeg
3rd Grade 3.jpeg
3rd Grade 4.jpeg

3rd graders at Riverview Elementary learned about living and nonliving things. (photo 1) 

They did plot studies on the school grounds to identify living and nonliving things. (photo 2)

They built terrariums that included both living and nonliving things. (photo 3)

The students also gave presentations of the living and nonliving terrariums to the class. (photo 4)

Great job third graders!!

4H Lego League

Tricia Nielson

Congratulations to the 4H Lego League! They won first place in the qualifying round at the UVU competition Saturday and will be competing in the State finals at the University of Utah in a few weeks! Members of the team are Nick Covington, Thomas Dymock, Grant Bechthold, Mitchell Young, Gabe Kidrick, Kyle Clark, Spencer Tonga, Braden Jackson, Garrett Walters and Sterling Brinkerhoff. A big thanks goes out to Mrs. Dymock for all her time and effort as the leader of the club! Good Luck at State!