Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss

Christy Nielson
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Mrs. Nielson's class had a great time celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday by sporting their new 'nightshirts' for "I Am Not Going to Get Up Today."  All of these little 'Things' participated in Read Across America at school.  Don't they look wonderful?

Oh! The Places You'll Go!

Lisa Muirbrook
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We're celebrating Dr. Seuss this week and our front office friends showed us what they want to be when they grow up!

Sixth Graders from Mrs. Thomas' class dressed up as what they'd like to be when they grow up.  The world is their oyster!

Tomorrow is "I Am Not Going to Get Up Today!"  Students can wear their pajamas and we will celebrate Read Across America with a read-a-thon!

White Ribbon Week Parent Community Night

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Community Night 1.jpg

Last night, parents from Riverview were invited to attend an evening with classes and information.  The classes and booths were all about how to protect their families by placing filters on their devices, learning about community programs, and learning about how to talk to children about things they may encounter online.

This was a wonderful evening of resources that we look forward to carrying on as a tradition at Riverview.  White Ribbon Week has been another success!  Tomorrow it wraps up with students wearing as much white as possible, and the drawing of prizes for participating in the activities.  We give a special thanks to Whitney Permann and all of those in the PTA who have helped put on a wonderful White Ribbon Week!

White Ribbon Week

Get ready for White Ribbon Week! 

Monday- Wear a hat

Tuesday- Dress like someone else (a hero)

Wednesday- Wear your shirt inside out.  Parent Community Night 6-8pm

Thursday- Wear a tie

Friday- Wear as much white as possible


5th Grade Wax Museum

Lisa Muirbrook
Wax Museum.jpg

5th Graders produced another fabulous Wax Museum this year!  The rest of the school was able to visit the museum and learn about famous people from history this morning.  Parents and families were able to attend tonight. From Annie Oakley to Elvis Presley, 5th graders researched and summarized the lives of those who helped shape history.   There was a lot to learn from these students and their research.  A lot of preparation went into this event.  Thank you for a great show, 5th grade!

Will We See the Teachers' Talents?

Breaking News!  There are only a few more days to get your cookie dough orders in for our school fundraiser.  As part of the incentive to place orders, students could potentially see their teachers show off their talents in a talent show!  So, get going and sell!  Let's see what talent the teachers have at Riverview!  Every dollar helps out our school.

Remember, no door-to-door sales, please.  Good luck and have fun!  Bring your forms and money on Friday, February 1st.  These cookie are delicious and easy to make, so make sure grandma and grandpa get a tub!

Investigating Geometry

Geometric Shapes1.jpg

2nd Graders were asked to build a cube using toothpicks and marshmallows.  Not only were they excited to work with marshmallows, they quickly learned that the marshmallows and toothpicks would help them determine how many vertices and edges a cube has.  One can tell by the looks on their faces that they had a great time and were very pleased with what they learned!

5th Grade Debate Tournament

Jade Thomson
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Before the Final Debate.jpg
Debate winners 1.jpg

Mrs. Nixon and Mrs. Thomson had a debate tournament in 5th grade.  Over the course of two weeks, students were required to create cases for both sides of a controversial topic, and practice delivering their speeches.  The event culminated in a single-elimination tournament between the two classes.  1st place went to Ryan and Moises, 2nd Place to Brooklynn and Dakota, 3rd place went to Bronte and Justice.  Congratulations!!

Nominate Your Favorite Riverview Teacher

The Jon. M. Huntsman Family is proud to sponsor the 21st Annual Huntsman Awards for Excellence in Education.

  • Nominate your favorite Utah public school teacher, volunteer, or administrator
  • 11 Winners Will Receive $10,000
  • New Category: Special Education Teacher
  • Nomination forms can be found online at www.huntsman.com/haee
  • Due Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2013

For more information, please call the Huntsman Awards Committee at (801) 584-5799