2nd Grade Hosts 4th Annual “Take a Veteran to School" Day


Riverview 2nd Grade classes partnered with the History Channel for a celebration of our veterans for Veterans' Day.  Students invited family members or friends  who serve or have served in the military to visit our classrooms.  The veterans spoke about their duties and what branch of the military they belonged to.  They showed photos and uniforms and told stories of their duties and places they served. 

Students decorated paper stars with a thank you message to give to the veterans and were able to shake these heroes' hands and get their autographs!  The second graders learned a lot about veterans and what they do to keep us safe.  They have paved the way for us to enjoy our freedom.  The students learned that children all over the world are just like them and love to smile and play.  Riverview students are thankful for our veterans and military who let us continue to attend school and live a wonderful life.  Students had a great time celebrating real superheroes and learning a little more about veterans and their families and what they do for us as a country.

4-H Donates to Service People


Students from Riverview's 4-H Service Club and Mrs. RaeAnn Nelson presented the Firefighters and Paramedics of Spanish Fork City, a donation of $200.00.  Students presented it to a group of volunteers in a special program on November 11, 2011.  Firefighters, EMT personnel, and Policemen from the community were invited to an assembly that morning, where the students sang a special song honoring them as our heroes.  The Service Club wanted to assist these volunteers in supplying stuffed animals and other necessities to children in stressful situations.  We are proud of our heroes and proud of our 4-H Clubs!

Drum Magic


Students in Mrs. Nelson's music class received a surprise from our neighbor and parent of students at Riverview, Mr. Burrs.  Last week he brought in his hand-made drums for the kids to see and listen to.  Students had a great time listening to the different tones and sounds the drums and instruments made.  He is welcome any time with his creations! 

Voracious Readers

Photo by Heidi Messenger
Book Fair.jpg

vo-ra-cious (adj.) 1. craving or consuming large quantities... (in this case- books!) a voracious appetite.

2. exceedingly eager or avid: voracious readers; a voracious collector.   (Dictionary.com)

We at Riverview are voracious readers.  That's another reason why we LOVE the book fair!  So many new and fun books right at our fingertips!  Students were able to add to their home collections, and teachers received new and exciting titles for their classroom libraries.  Thanks to the PTA for hosting a fantastic fair.  It was 'out of this world'!

Keeping Fit While Being Safe

Photos by Heidi Messenger
Willy the Wolverine.jpg

Our PTA helped us celebrate a week of learning and fun as we talked about how to be safe when we walk to school and ride our bikes.  The grand finale of this learning fun was our Walk to School Day where students who walked to school met UVU's Willy the Wolverine and received a water bottle and granola bar.  Walking and riding bikes to school helps us keep our fitness goals, and now we know how to be safe while doing so!

Champion Village

School 2011 024.jpg

Riveriview has added an additional program to help us strive for being fit and active. Introducing Champion Village!  We had a fun assembly to help us learn about and kick off the program.  We learned what a champion is and how we can all be one.  Students have the chance to create an account and log all of their activities with this really fun site!  The link is available on our webpage. 

Extraordinary Riverview

Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed

The 2011/2012 school year at Riverview will extraordinary!  We have new goals and new ways to be extraordinary.  Mrs. Jarvis introduced a new story to our school titled "Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed" by Emily Pearson and told us about the 'Power of 5'.  The story tells us how a little girl named Mary, who seems quite ordinary, gives her neighbor a basket of blueberries.  That neighbor was so excited, she then bakes some delicious muffins and gives them to 5 people.  Those 5 people were so excited, they did a good deed for 5 more people, and those 5 did good deeds fpr 5 more! And it didn't stop there! So Extraordinary Mary's good deed went a long, long way.  Riverview is adopting the "Power of 5" this year so that each of us can do extraordinary things!  When someone has done a good deed for 5 other people, they can fill out a card in the office letting others know how they are being extraordinary.  Even though it makes us feel good when helping others, it's also good to hear about additional ways we can be helpful.  Be extraordinary!



Riverview Elementary is Happy to Present Stephanie Galt with Crystal Apple Award.

Stephanie is the mother of two, great, wonderful, terrific boys. Needless to say, she is very proud of them. Tyler is her oldest son. He is 18 years old. Cooper is close behind him, at 14 years of age. Stephanie is happily married to Gary and lives in Benjamin.

Stephanie has her English as a Second Language Endorsement (ESL) and is currently enrolled in Riverview's school-wide, BYU mathematics course- where she is learning how to present mathematics effectively- to Riverview's very precious students. Stephanie has taught district-wide, 4th grade social studies courses, and has presented many guided-reading and guided-writing lessons for BYU student- cohort groups, as well as for many other educators. Stephanie also helps with focused observation days.

Some of Stephanie's hobbies include; biking EVERYWHERE. Watch for her, and you just might see her biking all over Utah County. Another hobby that Stephanie is "into" is.... triathlons. She completed her first triathlon last year, and wants to do more. WHAT!?! She is currently training for two other upcoming triathlons.

Stephanie's teaching philosophy is.....HELPING EVERY CHILD REACH THEIR HIGHEST POTENTIAL.