Celebrating 100 Days of School in Mrs. Jensen's Class!


Riverview first graders celebrated 100 Days of School.  The first grade students used counting and place value to count their 100 pieces of candy for their class candy factory.  They read 100 words that they have learned to read and write in first grade.  They have learned a lot this year and are excited to learn a whole lot more! 

Remembering White Ribbon Week All Year Round


Fourth grade students at Riverview dressed in Riverview shirts or white colored shirts to remember to be drug free all year round. Students learned it is important to make smart choices in media and online and to encourage others to do the same. Thanks Riverview PTA for a great White Ribbon Week!

White Ribbon Week


Mrs. Reid's second grade class participated in White Ribbon Week by wearing scarves and ties to school. Students learned it is important to not participate in cyber bulling. 


White Ribbon Week

Courtney McAvoy

Ms. McAvoy's and Mrs. Cook's first grade classes participated in White Ribbon Week by wearing crazy hair and crazy clothes to school.  Students learned it is important to keep personal information and passwords private. 

White Ribbon Week Protect Your Mind

Mrs. Moody's second grade class participated in White Ribbon Week by wearing a hoodie or a hat.  Students learned they can protect their minds by letting someone know if something online makes them feel uncomfortable.

White Ribbon Week Proceed With Caution

Mrs. Chamber's, Mrs. Mathis' and Mrs. Lacrua's third grade classes dressed in yellow for White Ribbon Week. Students learned the importance to proceed with CAUTION when downloading. Students promised to not download anything without my parents' permission.

Cannot Stop The R.A.M. Way!

Being a Riverview RAM means: Respect All, Achieve Your Best, Make Responsible Choices.  Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) is a proactive and interactive approach to establish a social culture at Riverview that supports social, emotional, and academic success. It is aimed at supporting safe and effective school environments while preventing behavior problems.  We are Making Our Mark the Riverview Ram Way! Check out the PBIS Link on the left side of the Riverview Website to find more information regarding

Snow Fest


Students at Riverview had a good citizenship reward on Friday, January 20th – The first (annual?!) Snow Fest.  Snow Fest was a fun day bringing classes together to celebrate being a good Riverview citizen and also enjoy…SNOW!

Each class built a snowman.  Simple, right?  The snowman had to fall into one of the three categories.   The categories were:

  1. All About the Numbers – For this category, classes will try to build the tallest and fattest snowman. 
  2. Most Creative – Classes will need to accessorize their snowman (or snow-woman, or snow-family, or snow-animal)
  3. Teacher Look-a-like – Classes will need to accessorize their snowman to look like a Riverview Employee. 

Meeting Officer Grover


Riverview third graders and sixth graders met Officer Cory Grover after reading and discussing the story “Aero and Officer Mike.”  Officer Grover brought his police dog and talked with the students about the training that he and his dog went through together. Officer Grover explained how his police dog is a loyal partner and they work together every day.  Students had a great time making connections from reading "Aero and Officer Mike" and meeting Officer Grover and his police dog.  Thank you for your service!