Veterans Visit Riverview

Mejken Lacrua

To honor Veteran’s Day, Riverview students had the privilege to meet veterans.  The veterans introduced themselves and presented a patriotic slide show.  Mrs. Nelson led Riverview students in singing a patriotic song. There was also a surprise visit for several of our very own Riverview students! A father recently returned from Iraq and surprised his three children! We appreciate the sacrifices veterans have made so we can be free!

Celebrating 50 Days of School!


Mrs. Cook's first grade class had a great time celebrating the 50th day of first grade. Students dress in 50's clothes and participated in activities through out the day. Students loved celebrating the 50th day of school!

First Grade Celebrates 50 Days of School!


Mrs. Jensen's first grade class celebrated the 50th day of school by dressing up in 50's attire.  Students participated in actvities throughout the day to celebrate. Students had a great time showing off their love for the number 50!

Riverview Food Drive is Here!


Riverview 4-H and Riverview Student Council are pleased to announce the seventh annual Food Drive and Giving Tree service project.   This service project will be Nov. 9th –Dec. 20th, our goal is to BEAT last year’s total of 3,000 can of food!  The food will be donated to families in our school, Nebo Pantry, and the Utah Food Coalition.

The Nebo Pantry is for homeless and transient students in our district.  The District currently has over 1,700 students in this situation.  The Nebo Pantry is in extreme need of new packaged socks and underwear (in all sizes youth to adult).  They also need new gloves, hats, and new or gently used coats.

There will be a contest between classes.  Each class has a goal of collecting 125 cans OR point per class. If any student donates socks, underwear, gloves or coats they will get 5 bonus points for the food drive.  One can of food will be worth 1 point, teachers will keep track of class points.  The class per grade level that collects the most cans/bonus points will receive a pizza party. 

This is a great opportunity to teach our students about service and being grateful for the things we have.  All cans should be brought to your student’s classroom to be counted and recorded.



Wall of Honor


Veteran's Day is approaching. Riverview would like to honor our veterans and military personnel by creating a Wall of Honor.  Please encourage your students to bring in pictures of family members who have served or are currently serving in the military.  

Riverview Student Council Making Their Mark!

Riverview Student Council participated in the Student Council Leadership Conference at BYU Conference Center on Friday, November 4th, 2016. 

Student council: Jaxson Marsigli, Sam Whitaker, Carter Jones, Kaley Cox, Karen Avila, Isabel Barney, Kara Jepson, Aeryn Peterson, Zachary Ricks, Oaklie Barnett, Amy Bennett, Erick Ramirez, Zane Lockhart, Walker Evans, Andrew Heap, Madelyn Smith.  Council Advisors: Mrs. Sharla Thomas, Mrs. Kelsey Mortensen.



Riverview Students Delight Nebo School Board of Education

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Principal Angela Killian thanked the Nebo School Board of Education for this opportunity to present to the board. Principal Killian said, “We are striving at Riverview, ‘To Make Our Mark, Make it Matter’. The Riverview staff wants students to learn that each of us can make our mark. Each of us can make a difference. That it is important to support each other and believe in each other.” 

“I began the year wondering how long it would take me to feel comfortable in my new assignment at Riverview; a student brought me a letter and told me she hoped I have fun at this school, another student quietly slipped me a Thank You note letting me know she is having a really good year and the whole school is having a really good year. Several students brought me pictures letting me know that they are going to ‘Make Their Mark and Make it Matter,’” stated Principal Killian.

Some of Principal Killian’s reflections:
“All principals have those days when we think the cashier's position at Wal-Mart is looking pretty good. But then just when we're about to lose our minds, a student does or says something that causes us to REMEMBER why we went into this profession in the first place.

Principal Killian’s “Remember why we are in education”:
“Last week at the second-grade lunch table: A group of boys sat giggling. That can be dangerous, so I investigated. I asked what's so funny. They told me. ‘Knock, knock. Who's there? Owl. Owl Who. Yep.’ or ‘Why did the oil not cross the road? Because It is stuck in the ground.’

“Monday a first-grade classroom a child with her red ribbon stuck to her shirt, proudly exclaimed: ‘I've never been drug free before!’

“A student came to me in the halls during morning music, gave me a hug and told me to have a good day.

“While I was observing fifth-graders in keyboarding and heard a child sneeze, I said ‘Gesundheit’ and he responded with: ‘My mom speaks Spanish too.’

“In a second-grade classroom students were making haunted houses that are now displayed in the hall. A student was unsure if he should spell witch w-h-i-c-h OR w-i-t-c-h, so he pointed to his paper and asked me: ‘Is this a good witch or a bad witch?’

“A certain third-grader tells me nearly every day that she can't wait for her birthday (it is in February.) And when entering a third-grade classroom to greet them good morning, a boy jumped up from his seat, gave me a hug and told the class we were good buddies.

Principal Killian said, “I personally want to thank the board for allowing me to be a principal. I also thank you for this invitation to give you a glimpse into life at Riverview.”

Mrs. Shannon Bennett, a member of the Riverview school community council shared  how the Trustland money is spent to help students progress.

Mrs. Cindy Porter, Riverview's facilitator, spoke about the school’s peer tutoring program where sixth-grade students tutored first-grade students. She used the Nebo School District’s intervention guided reading lesson plan to train the tutors where they worked two days a week for half hour lessons. Mrs. Porter brought some students to demonstrate a tutoring program. Eric Ramirez, sixth grade, and Krystal Jensen first grade demonstrated the tutoring lesson.

The noble company of the evening was the first-grade students singing "The Dot" song. The crowd was delighted by their enthusiasm and actions.


Mr. Canto is a Riverview Successory!

Mr. Canto is helping students be successful at school!  Each term students are invited (not required) to write a 'thank you' to an adult employee at Riverview who has been helping them feel successful!  Students give the white copy to the adult and the yellow copy comes to the office for a drawing.  Mr. Canto won the drawing!  Thanks to all the adults who are helping students feel successful!

Freedom Festival


The Freedom Festival sponsors multiple patriotic contests each year in categories including Art, Essay, Speech, Storytelling, and Video. The video contest is open to everyone; other contests are open only to students. The contest theme this year is Freedom.

In addition to receiving cash prizes, contest winners enjoy having their work promoted in the community by the Freedom Festival all year.

The deadline for all contests is November 14!

Go to for details on each contest, including age requirements and cash prizes. 

Happy Halloween!

Mejken Lacrua

Riverview wishes you a happy Halloween!