Second Graders Honor Patriot Day

Christy Nielson and Cassie Callister

In honor of Patriot Day on September 11, our Second Graders enjoyed a visit from our city's First Responders (Fire, Police & EMT). We had a great time hearing about how they help our local community and seeing all of their great tools for work. Thank you First Responders for being Real Life Heroes to us!
-Mrs. Callister & Mrs. Nielson's 2nd Grade

Early Out Day


Monday, September 18th, 2017, we will have early release.  Students will be dismissed at noon. Here are a couple of notes regarding early dismissal; Lunch will be served at 10:10.  Morning Kindergarten session students will be dismissed at 12:00 p.m.  There will be no Afternoon Kindergarten session. 



Principal Moment

There are certain moments in teaching that I call Teacher Moments. These are the special moments that make it all worthwhile. They are golden. They are few. They come unannounced. And you have to listen very closely, or you might miss them.

Unfortunately, when the moments come, I usually don’t have a pencil handy, or I say I’ll write it down later but forget, or I simply wasn’t listening closely enough that day and missed the moment completely.

But one day, not too long ago, I didn’t miss it. I was sitting with a student in my office. He had been sent to my office with what I call “subitis”. “Subitis” is an illness which causes stomach ache and it is very contagious. Students are exposed to “subitis” when they come to school and notice that their teacher is gone and a sub has taken her place.

I was trying to calm the symptoms and encourage this fellow to go back to class. I read aloud a book titled, You Don’t Always Get What You Hope For.

After closing the book, I asked him if he was ready to go back to class. He nodded his head. As we left my office, he asked: “Mrs. Killian, can I buy that book in cursive?”

That one I remembered.

School Community Council

The school community council is a group of parents and school personnel that jointly develop a school improvement plan, decide how school trustlands funds will be used, and to advise the principal on local school issues. The first meeting is Tuesday, September 19th at 3:30 in the conference room.

The Riverview Elementary School Council Members for 2017-2017 are:

Heads Up – ‘Did You Knows’ for Parents

Are you a new parent to Riverview Elementary? Do you know what dismissal time looks like? We need your help to keep the school and your children safe. EVERY child’s safety is important to us. It remains our highest priority to ensure that students enter and exit cars in a safe and organized way. We ask everyone to correctly follow our pick-up and drop-off procedures. Failure to do so creates chaos, frustration and unsafe conditions. Each family should discuss these loading and walking procedures. Thank you for your continuing support in making Riverview a safe environment for all. Click on the link to view the Drop Off/Pick Up Map.

General Precautions:

  • Be your child’s best example. Please be courteous and follow all safety guidelines at all times.
  • No arrivals prior to 8:00AM. No supervision is provided.
  • Please DO NOT STOP in the left lanes of the loading zones. This is a very dangerous location in our parking lot. No students permitted in parking lot without an accompanying adult.
  • Use crosswalks to cross streets and loading zone lanes.
  • Students are to use the yellow walking/bike path that is painted around the perimeter of the West Parking lot by the Kindergarten playground when leaving school at the end of the school day. Students may not ride bikes or walk through the parking lot.
  • Follow all directions from school safety personnel. They can see potential problems you may not.
  • Students are to be picked-up promptly at dismissal.

Dropping Off:

  • Pull your car as far forward into the loading zone as traffic allows. (see the map above). Drivers may drop-off students along entire length of Loading Zone.
  • Students can unload from PASSENGER SIDE of vehicle only. The driver should remain in the vehicle at all times and all driver side doors are to remain closed. No trunk unloading allowed in this zone.
  • Keep pulling forward and fill in all gaps in Loading Zone Lane.
  • Have all school materials including backpack and lunch ready before student exits vehicle.
  • Once your student has exited your vehicle you may exit the parking lot via the bypass lane to the driver’s left. This lane is for driving only — no loading, unloading or stopping at any time.

Picking up from School:

  • Pull your car as far forward into the loading zone as traffic allows. Student pick-up is available from Loading Zone Lane only.
  • No cell phone use while waiting for your child.
  • Once your child has entered your car on passenger side of vehicle, please exit parking lot via bypass lane to driver’s left. This lane is for driving only — no loading, unloading or stopping at any time.

School News

Monday, September 18th, school will be dismissed at noon. Lunch will be served at 10:10 a.m.

September 25th - 29th - PTA Box Top Drive. This year we are going for BONUS Box Tops! We will continue collecting the physical Box Tops the traditional way - so keep on clipping. We've got some fun prizes in store in September 25-29 for the classes who collect the most! In addition, we are going DIGITAL! Download the Box Tops Bonus app on your phone and earn EXTRA cash for Riverview. Once you register, it is as simple as taking a picture of your receipts - easy peasy. When you do this, you get extra Box Tops digitally in addition to the physical ones you turn in. Thank you for helping support Riverview in this fun and easy way!

It is nearly time for the Riverview Fundraiser, Friday, October 6th. We will have a ‘Chalk-Walk’ again.

FAQ’S of a Chalk Walk

  1. What is a Chalk Walk? During each lap, the walkers will be celebrated with a splash of color (colored cornstarch which is 100% non-toxic and completely biodegradable). The colors will be released from squeeze bottles managed by teachers and parent volunteers.
  2. How does this help Riverview Elementary? The Color Walk will raise money through sponsored pledges and laps walked. In other words, the students are actively earning money for our school! Last year’s funds were used to help purchase an additional twelve Smartboards. We now have a Smartboard in each classroom! Thank you!
  3. Where will this take place and what will it look like? The track will be set upon the grass behind Riverview Elementary. All grades will walk concurrently. There will be music on site. Additionally, water will be provided during the walk.
  4. How can I help? In addition to assisting your student(s) with pledges and collection, you can sign up to volunteer. Sign-up opportunities will be available for filling squeeze bottles with chalk, releasing chalk, and helping at the clean-up station. Keep an eye out for an email and/or check our website. Cheer on the kids on the day of the walk or participate with us on Friday, October 6th from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  5. What if I’m concerned about the powder getting into the eyes, nose and throat of my child? Participants are welcome to bring bandanas or even dust masks. We will guide our volunteers to aim below the neck. Keep in mind that this is a kid-friendly event; the volume of color will be appropriate for fun, not overwhelming or scary. If a student does not want to participate in the color element of the walk, that child is invited to walk on the inside of the track.
  6. How permanent is the color, and how should I prepare? Participants should wear OLD white t-shirts, socks, shorts and shoes. The color should mostly wash out of any item worn. Of course, if your child wants to keep the colored t-shirt as a souvenir of the event, spray the colors with vinegar and iron it prior to washing. Participants should also bring a towel or large garbage bag to protect the inside of a car or bus.

Funds raised at this event will go towards many programs, including:

  • Technology: More Chromebook lab for the classrooms. We are now one-to-one in fifth and sixth grades. We are working towards providing more Chromebooks in all grades.
  • Fine Arts: Program support and resources & supplies
  • Library: library books, ebooks, supplies
  • Bonus Activities: Assemblies, Special Events, etc…

The walkathon represents all that is really great about Riverview. Because all are participating, our students can be proud to contribute directly and individually to the school. On this one day in October, we will come together to support and celebrate our kids.

Families can come “set up camp” on the grass field and on locations along the course. Plan to bring folding chairs or a blanket or old clothes and your walking shoes, depending on if you want to walk with us or watch. No bicycles or pets.

I certainly appreciate you! Riverview is a great place, thanks for all you do at home to support the education of your students.


Riverview School website

Riverview Parent Communication Page

Riverview Facebook & Instagram

Riverview PTA

Thank you,

Mrs. Angie Killian;
Principal, Riverview Elementary

Upcoming Events:

  • September 13th – 5th grade keyboarding ends
  • September 14th – 4th grade keyboarding starts; 5th grade DARE program starts
  • September 18th – School dismissed at noon
  • September 19th – School pictures; School Community Council mtg. @ 3:30
  • September 21st – vision screening
  • September 25th - 30th - Box Tops Competition
  • September 26th – Assembly for 2nd-6th grades from 2:00-3:00; Scott Savage- Author of Farworld series, Mysteries of Cove series, and the Case File 13 series.
  • September 29th – Make Your Mark Assembly @ 9:00 a.m

Community Events

The Spanish Fork Parks & Recreation and the Spanish Fork City have several events that are available to residents in the month of September; basketball and wrestling for the children; rabies clinic for the childrens' pets. 

4th Grade Egg Drop

Katelyn Hansen

The 4th grade classes at Riverview demonstrated their understanding of the scientific method with an egg drop.  The goal was to not let their egg crack after being dropped off the roof of the school.  Students built their own projects in hopes of keeping their egg safe.  Students took notes on the process of the scientific method. The students enjoyed watching their eggs fall from the roof to see if they would survive.  

Rise And Shout


Mrs. Mathis and Mrs. Lacrua's third grade class dressed in their favorite team's game day colors. Mrs. Porter and Mrs. Marziale wanted to join in on the fun.

Zero Hero in First Grade

Amy Jensen

Riverview first graders made Zero Hero shirts to celebrate the 10th day of school.  They will wear these shirts every 10th day of school.  The shirts will also remind them to make their mark and make it matter. 

Holy War (Utah vs. BYU)


Whether you 'Rise And Shout' for the Cougars or are a 'Utah man till you die', the rivalry game is Saturday!  Wear your favorite team's game day gear to school on Friday!  Go Utes!  Go BYU! 


The first day of school is always interesting. Students sit down, nervous and quiet, trying to figure out their new teacher who tells them to be thoughtful to others, and use your time wisely, and follow directions, and raise your hands before speaking, and do not use the paper cutter, and ask to go to the bathroom, and don’t whine when you take out your math books, and respect each other’s property, and who know what that means? And don’t chew gum at school, and don’t exclude others from your games, and walk in the hallways, and don’t run up the slide.

Poor kids. I would have left after the first ten minutes.

Actually, I almost did on my first day of first grade. My teacher’s name was Mrs. Kenison. I cried when I found out I had her. My friends said she was mean. She lined us all up by the chalkboard and walked down the row like a drill sergeant. She stopped in front of me, bent over, and raised one eyebrow.

“Miss Lindsey?” she said slowly.

I froze.

“I had you older brother,” she said.

I wanted to run out the door but figured that, being a sergeant, she could run faster. So I stayed and learned to read and count to 100. It ended up being my favorite year.

I like the beginning of each school year. The pencils don’t have teeth marks. The dry erase markers write. The recess balls bounce. The rug smells like carpet cleaner. And the desks smell like 409.

And here we are; the 3rd week of school. We haven’t had any students walk home after morning recess. We have had some blisters, a few criers, and some kids throw-up, but hey, that is a typical day in elementary school. Thank you for a great beginning to the school year!

Reporting to parents in 2017

It is our goal for parents to be well informed and engaged on how your child is achieving and progressing. All teachers are implementing a SIS Standards Based report card. A Standards Based report card lists the most important skills students should learn in each subject at each grade level. Instead of letter grades, students receive marks that show how well they have mastered skills. This type of reporting should provide parents more knowledge on which skills and knowledge your child has acquired.

Nebo Boys/Girls After-School Club

Clubs are starting this week. All students will meet in the lunch room at 3:00 p.m. for a snack and an activity. Students will then separate into the various clubs. All students are excused at 4:30 p.m. Parents, plan to pick up children at the flag pole or have the students walk home. Please have then conversation with your children about whether they walk or wait to be picked up.

Imagine Learning

Now your child can log in to Imagine Learning at home-and pick up right where they left off in school. Visit For the program to work as intended, only children already assigned to Imagine Learning at school should use it at home.


Riverview School website

Mrs. Mathis, Mrs. Jensen and Mrs. Killian update the website regularly. Keep informed about Riverview Elementary events through the school website

Parent Communication Page

We also have a parent communication page where you can find all weekly messages and the Riverview Elementary Vision for Learning


Facebook & Instagram

Most days Mrs. Killian and/or Mrs. Nielson share learning both our teachers and students are involved in. It is a great way to become connected to real time happenings within the school.


Thank you,

Mrs. Angie Killian, Principal of Riverview Elementary

Upcoming Events

  • September 6th - First day of Preschool
  • September 7th
    • Sixth grade orchestra recruiting assembly @9:15 a.m.,
    • Fourth grade Egg Drop @ 9:15 a.m.,
    • PTA Room Parent Kick-Off @ 3:15 p.m.
  • September 8th – Holy War (BYU/U of U). Wear favorite team game gear.
  • September 13th – 5th grade keyboarding ends
  • September 14th – 4th grade keyboarding starts; 5th grade DARE program starts
  • September 18th – 22nd – PTA Box Tops Competition
  • September 18th – School dismissed at noon
  • September 19th – School pictures; School Community Council mtg. @ 3:30
  • September 21st – vision screening
  • September 26th – Assembly for 2nd-6th grades from 2:00-3:00; Scott Savage- Author of Farworld series, Mysteries of Cove series, and the Case File 13 series.
  • September 29th – Make Your Mark Assembly @ 9:00 a.m