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The first day of school is always interesting. Students sit down, nervous and quiet, trying to figure out their new teacher who tells them to be thoughtful to others, and use your time wisely, and follow directions, and raise your hands before speaking, and do not use the paper cutter, and ask to go to the bathroom, and don’t whine when you take out your math books, and respect each other’s property, and who know what that means? And don’t chew gum at school, and don’t exclude others from your games, and walk in the hallways, and don’t run up the slide.


Welcome Back!

A warm welcome to the start of the 2017 School year. We do hope you have had a fun and restful summer. A special welcome to our new families. It is great to see our new learners making friends and already settling into their new school.

Welcome Back!

Dear Riverview Families,

During my nineteen years of teaching first grade, I welcomed over 478 students into my classroom. On Tuesday, August 22nd at 8:45 AM, we will welcome more than 900 students to Riverview.

My name is Angie Killian. I am the principal. I have worked in education for 28 years; nineteen as a first grade teacher, two as a school facilitator, and seven years as a principal.