As a School.....

Submitted by misty.jones on Thu, 09/19/2019 - 10:34

We are learning to be determined and  to keep trying even though things get hard! Our learner power we are are working on is “to be determined” in our learning, just like Spike Spider.


Our Community

Submitted by misty.jones on Wed, 09/18/2019 - 17:06

We were excited to have a visit from our first responders on 9-11.  We had some great lessons about what they do and how they contribute to our community.  Our second grade was really excited to be a part of this day. 


Riverview Elementary Weekly Newsletter

Submitted by angela.killian on Thu, 09/12/2019 - 17:40

Principal Moment

This year I am celebrating my thirtieth year in education. 

You know, kids today are not different than the kids I taught when I first started.  The gadgets they play with have changed, not the children.  Kids are kids are kids.

They will ask for an ice pack when they don’t really need it.  They will always ask if they can go to the office for more ice once the first bag of ice melts.

When your stomach growls, they will tell you.