White Ribbon Week

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Get ready for White Ribbon Week! 

Monday- Wear a hat

Tuesday- Dress like someone else (a hero)

Wednesday- Wear your shirt inside out.  Parent Community Night 6-8pm

Thursday- Wear a tie

Friday- Wear as much white as possible


5th Grade Wax Museum

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5th Graders produced another fabulous Wax Museum this year!  The rest of the school was able to visit the museum and learn about famous people from history this morning.  Parents and families were able to attend tonight. From Annie Oakley to Elvis Presley, 5th graders researched and summarized the lives of those who helped shape history.   There was a lot to learn from these students and their research.  A lot of preparation went into this event.  Thank you for a great show, 5th grade!

Lisa Muirbrook

Will We See the Teachers' Talents?

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Breaking News!  There are only a few more days to get your cookie dough orders in for our school fundraiser.  As part of the incentive to place orders, students could potentially see their teachers show off their talents in a talent show!  So, get going and sell!  Let's see what talent the teachers have at Riverview!  Every dollar helps out our school.