Pennies From Heaven

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Penny Wars has been so much fun!  Look at this class counting up their change!  We've made over $2000 for our memorial bench.  Thank you everyone for your donations!!  We'll announce the class winners after spring break.

Riverview's Teacher of the Year!

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Mrs. Mejken Lacrua is Riverview's Teacher of the Year!  This is Mrs. Lacrua's 6th year of teaching.  She has always taught third grade and loves it!  She has lived in Spanish Fork for 3 years.  She has one sone whom she adores.  Mrs. Lacrua said, "I love, love, LOVE my job and think of my students as my kids! They bring me such happiness each day and keep my life interesting. I feel so blessed to be in this profession."  She taught at Canyon for her 1st year and has taught at Riverview for 5.


Congratulations Mrs. Lacrua! 

Penny Wars

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Our penny war starts this week- Monday, April 2 through Friday, April 6!

Our goal is to earn money for memorial benches for our friends at Riverview that have passed away.  We want to remember them with special benches at Riverview.  Carol Walker, Carol Condie, Ian Baker-Pierce, Valeria Gutierrez, and Dax Christensen were all a special part of Riverview.  We love them and miss them dearly.  Help us earn money to remember them and what they meant to us.