Voracious Writing

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It's easy to be a voracious writer when you get to do fun writing projects such as this!  Second graders got to chew up some gum, blow some bubbles, and then teach us how to blow a bubble!  Mrs. Smith, a student teacher in Mrs. Galt's class helped them with this fun activity!

Chess Tournament Winner

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Karson Oyler, a first grader at Riverview, won 3rd place at a State Chess Tournament recently.  66 first graders competed .  Karson played 6 games and won 5 of them!  He is very proud of his trophy, and we are all very proud of him!  Great job Karson!!!

Catching Leprechauns

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Second Graders in Mrs. Woodhouse's class tried their very best to outsmart those tricky leprechauns this week!  They made amazing traps, thought long and hard about how to catch one, and wrote about what they would do if they were able to!  They chased and chased, but were eluded once again- but not without a pot of gold goodies from Lewie the Leprechaun. :)

Sherilyn Woodhouse

Riverview's Extraordinary Art Show

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Riverview held its first-ever art show for the parents to see at SEP night.  The entries that students turned in were of such high quality, it was amazing!  One can tell that there is a lot of fun technique and learning going on when it comes to the arts at Riverview! 

This will be an annual event, we're sure!