Riverview Elementary Newsletter

Submitted by angela.killian on Fri, 10/23/2020 - 16:24

Principal Moment

There are certain triggers that always wind children up: rain clouds, wind, a close game in PE, and – the week before Halloween.  The closer the calendar gets to that day, the more excited children become…even in a COVID year and when Halloween falls on a Saturday.

Our PTA Red Ribbon Representative, Laura Olsen, along with Ms. Aragon have planned a great Red Ribbon Week all themed about dressing up and Halloween.

The schedule for next week, October 26th – 29th:

  • 26th – Rally in RED – Wear RED today!
  • 27th – Give Drugs the BOOT – Dress up like a cowboy/cowgirl!
  • 28th – From HEAD to TOE, I am Drug Free – Wear Crazy Hair and Crazy Socks!
  • 29th – Drugs are SCARY, don’t do Them – Dress up in a HALLOWEEN costume!  No parade this year.  There will be a virtual BMX assembly with trick-or-treat goodie bags provided by the school.

Costume guidelines: Cloth Face Coverings must still be worn.  May wear face paint (may wear off with face covering).

SEP Conferences – October 29th

SEP Conferences will be held Thursday, October 29th from 3:15 p.m. - 8:45 PM. Three options for parents to choose from: Zoom, Phone call, or face – to – face (one parent only and held in the classroom with masks). Signup by clicking on this link: SEP SIGNUP, OCT. 29th 

Pro Tips: 

  • If you have more than one child, please do not sign up for back to back times.  Allow yourself at least 10 minutes between conferences. 
  • Your child's teacher will be sending home your child's report card and possibly other work/reports for your child.  Have these reports if you choose to conference via Zoom or phone. 

Reminder – There will be no school on Friday, October 30th. 

PTA Membership

I encourage you to participate in our PTA.  Membership is $7.00.  A strong home-school connection is one of the best indicators of students’ success.


Notes from the Office

Attendance – Contact the office if your child will be late or absent @ 801-798-4050.  Absences must be excused within three school days.

Telephone – The office phone should be used for emergencies only. Please help your child memorize telephone numbers.

Checking students in and out of school – If you need to pick up a child during school hours, please come to the office. Only those listed on iCampus can check out students unless you inform us otherwise.

iCampus Contact Verification – Please review your contact information in iCampus each term. https://nebout.infinitecampus.org/campus/portal/parents/nebo.jsp

Information About Free Breakfast/Lunches for All Nebo Students!    

Breakfast and lunch continue to be available for free to all students enrolled in Nebo School District, including remote learners.

If your student is a remote, preschool or Kindergarten learner and you want to participate, please click on the following link School Breakfast & Lunch Order for Riverview Elementary or call Riverview at 801-798-4050 each morning before 9 a.m. to place your order. Meals will be available for pick up in the front office from 10:40 – 11:00 AM.

This program is scheduled to run through December 2020, or until funding is exhausted. We will send updates as developments occur.

Riverview Spirit Clothing

Click on link to purchase Riverview Signature clothing

October Calendar

  • 26th – 29th Red Ribbon Week
  • 29th - SEP Conferences
  • 29th – Good Citizen Virtual Assembly - Matt Wilhelm, BMX bike trickster and motivational speaker
  • 29th – Last Day of First Term
  • 30th – P/C Comp Day – No School

November Calendar

  • 12th – Makeup day for school pictures
  • 17th – SCC Meeting at 3:15
  • 20th – Fire Drill
  • 25th – 27th – Thanksgiving Break