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Submitted by angela.killian on Fri, 01/22/2021 - 17:39

Principal Moment

To celebrate the hundredth day of school, young children all over the country sing songs, shout cheers, read books, count numbers, chant poems, make murals, and string Froot Loop necklaces.  When I was a kid, no one celebrated 100th Day.  Now it’s huge.  And this year, we need to celebrate with Gusto!

I wonder who the teacher was who started 100th day.  Did she have any idea that her cute little idea would turn into a national event?  Could she have ever imagined that her little brainstorm would cause Froot Loops’ stock to soar on Wall Street?  Happy 100th Day of School on February 1st!

Term Two Good Citizen Reward

Today we had our second citizenship reward activity. We had the opportunity to learn from Dave and Amy Freeman. They were named adventures of the year by National Geographic. 

The Dogsledding Virtual Assembly combined lessons, images, videos, and equipment accumulated during hundreds of days and thousands of miles exploring the winter wilderness by dogsled.  The fast-paced, fun assembly helped students understand what it is like to work with sled dogs and imagine what it feels like to drive their own dog team.  Riverview students came up with some great questions during the virtual program.  Did you know that a team of 6 sled dogs can pull up to 1000 pounds?  We also learned about the Expedition ABC’s.  These life skills teach children simple but effective ways to be their best selves.  A: Attitude B: Believe C: Care D: Do You Best E: Exercise

PTA - Reflections Theme Poster Contest Rules and Instructions

This contest is open to all students attending a PTA school in Utah. All entries must be the work of one student. 

Students may enter multiple designs. There is no limit to the number of entries allowed per student. 

Entries must be submitted to Utah PTA no later than 11 P.M. on March 1st, 2021.

Poster designs should contain:

Reflections Theme for 2021-2022 “I Will Change the World by. . . .”

Art should encourage students entering the Reflections contest to interpret the theme, but should avoid depicting ways to interpret the theme. 

Poster may be oriented horizontally or vertically.  Entry must be submitted electronically.

Students may incorporate category logos and Reflections logo. They are attached on this page and may be downloaded for use.

Any mixed media suitable for reproduction as a poster is allowed, including computer-generated graphics. All posters must be two-dimensional and contain only original artwork.  No trademarked or copyrighted images or phrases should be used, with the exception of the National PTA Reflections logos and 2021-2022 Reflections theme.

Enter at:  https://www.utahpta.org/ref/poster

Riverview Learning Pit/Learner Powers

Our learner character for February is Molly Monkey.  She lived on a beautiful island, in a banana tree.  Molly watched her mom swing from branch to branch to reach the yummy bananas.  “I’m hungry” she thought.  She used her long arms, reached for a branch with both arms and fell to the ground.  Molly’s mom picked her up and said “listen to my instructions and watch carefully and soon you will be able to reach the yummy bananas.”  Molly’s mom taught her how to swing her body, where to place her hands, and how to spot the ripest bananas.  “Now your turn.” said Molly’s mom. Molly tried again.  Her swing was wobbly, she forgot which branch to grab, she fell to the ground feeling frustrated.  Molly’s mom picked her up, gave her a hug, and told her to try again, but this time reflect on what she had been taught.   Molly slowed down, she thought about how to swing her body, which branches to grab and how to spy the ripest bananas.  She tried again.  “Hooray” shouted her mom; “You are making progress.  You will soon be able swinging through the branches just like me!”  Be like Molly Monkey. 

When you Reflect like Molly Monkey, you…

  • Respond to all feedback
  • Review your learning
  • Don’t worry if things go wrong
  • Have a growth-mindset
  • Make every piece of learning better than the last

School Gear

Are you interested in purchasing Riverview gear for your child or yourself?  T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, beanies, caps, and water bottles with the Riverview logo are available for purchase at https://riverviewelementary.axomo.com/

Upcoming Events

  • Jan. 29th – Science Day
  • Feb 1st – 100 Day of School
  • Feb 5th – Kindergarten 100 Day of School
  • Feb. 8th – 12th – PTA Fundraiser
  • Feb. 16th – Spring Pictures
  • Feb. 19 – Emergency Drill
  • Feb. 26 – 4th grade Living Planet Aquarium

Thank you,

Mrs. Angie Killian, Principal of Riverview