Riverview Rams Who are Making Their Mark! January Recognition Assembly

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Each month Riverview holds a 'Make Your Mark' Assembly.  

The purpose of this assembly is to recognize outstanding behaviors, actions, and goals met by our students, faculty and staff.  Embracing challenge and sticking with it are actions that are intentionally taught at Riverview. We encourage Riverview Rams to be inspired by the success of others and 'magpie' ideas to create success for themselves.

  • The January employee who has gone above and beyond: Mr. Jake Canto
  • January class that shows they are not afraid to enter the Learning Pit: Mrs. Mathis/Mrs. Lacrua's Second Grade.
  • January Students who embrace the learning challenge:  Tyker Lambourne, Jeremiah Koskie, Gracie Lubain, Ava Allison, Cas Marziale, Josh Nielson, Xavier Grayson, Austin Bishop, Andrew De Hoyos, Gage James, Carson Olson, Zahir Gomez Villarreal, Aria Davis, Ethan Taylor, Layla Sherratt, Sanders Daley, Alex Hernandez, Brayden Folsom, Jayden Oyler, Talon Valentini, Ty Buchanan, Knox Callister, Mason Swenson, Xander Peterson, Brylee Davis, Jonas Ashdown, Madison Peery, Gannon Ballard, Logan Thacker, Ammon Cummins, Eden Merrill, Kiah Skollingsberg, Josh Udy, Brooklyn Dansie, Samuel Olsen, Hayden Mitchell