2023-2024 Student Council

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student council

Hello Riverview Friends,

     We are so grateful to work in a school community in which there are so many outstanding students and supportive parents.  For the last week we have taken into serious consideration the applications for our 2023-2024 student council.  In order to provide fairness for each applicant, we considered the following criteria & questions in order to make our final decision.  This criteria includes….

  • Are they consistent in their work completion?
  • Are they a friend to all?
  • Do they have a positive attitude towards teachers & students?
  • Are they at school consistently? What is their attendance, tardiness, & early checkout like?
  • A positive referral from their teacher in which we asked them if they possessed strong leadership skills & would contribute in a positive way?
  • Have they finished the year strong in setting a positive example for other students at Riverview?


With these questions in mind, we are so excited to announce our new student council members for the 2023-2024 school year

  1.  Anna Lontine
  2. Madelyn Galovich
  3. Steele Mower
  4. Adelyn Collingridge
  5. Bridger Spencer
  6. Bethany Olsen
  7. Kaysen Frost
  8. Michelle Whitaker
  9. Cope Shenk
  10. Clara Parks
  11. Kade Roach
  12. Haley Graves
  13. Jayden Moller
  14. Mallory Chambers
  15. Grayden Evans
  16. Mia Torres
  17. Leah Gardner
  18. Maggie Jarvis
  19. Carly Olsen
  20. Lulu Tanner


We extend a warm welcome to our new Student Council.  We also want to tell each of those who applied how impressed we are with each of you and your desire to lead.  Thank you so much for taking the time to apply.  You really are the hope of the future!


                                              Mrs. Nuttall & Mrs. Rivera


Mrs. Nuttall