Riverview Elementary – Congratulations Misty Jones

Submitted by Sherilyn.woodhouse on
Nebo Education Foundation

Misty Jones, our first-grade teacher here at Riverview Elementary, said, “This year I am trying out a sound wall in my classroom. The funds that were donated from the foundation are going to supplies that will help make this new program successful! I am excited to be able to implement a sound wall into my classroom because it goes really well with our training in the LTRS program this year. With the donation, I am able to purchase individual mirrors so students can see what their mouths look like when they are making different sounds of the alphabet, helping with their phonemic awareness. I am also able to purchase a sound wall program for my wall to display in my classroom to teach students the different phonemes and graphemes. I am excited to use these materials because not only will it help with reading and phonics, it will benefit my ELL learners and students with problems with speech. Thank you Nebo Foundation!”