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Riverview Elementary Newsletter

Principal Moment

I spent some time in a fifth-grade class today.  We were working on math problems.

I don’t know about other teachers, but my math lessons used to wear me out.  Pull out compasses and students will make shish kebabs with pink erasers.  Distribute thermometers and one will put it under his armpit to make the red line get longer.  Hand them calculators and they’ll will want to see how many words they can spell.  Pass out rulers and students will twang them on the ends of their chairs, and beat them on their desks like drumsticks.

That doesn’t even account for the rulers with holes in them.  I’d like talk to the man who invented rulers with holes.  What in the world was he thinking?  Every student knows that when you put the tip of a pencil into a ruler hole it turns into a helicopter.

Some students think math time is snack time.  If a teacher announces, “math time,” someone says, “I’m hungry.”  It’s no wonder.  Teachers ask kids to count M & M’s, divide piles of Reese’s Pieces, sort Lucky Charms, estimate the number of jelly beans in a jar, weigh Hershey’s Kisses, measure the circumference of apples, and graph their favorite potato chips. 

School is great!

No School on Monday, February 28th

Reminder, there will be no school on Monday, February 28th in Nebo School District.  Monday is a planning day.  See you all on Tuesday, March 1st.


Next week is White Ribbon Week!  The PTA has fun-filled days themed days to help students think carefully about their online choices. 

Schools address many issues including online safety, cyberbullying, indecent media, screen time and emotional wellness.

  • Tuesday – Wear RED.  ALERT: Don’t fall for fake
  • Wednesday – Wear YELLOW. STRONG: Secure your devices
  • Thursday – Wear GREEN. KIND: It’s cool to be kind
  • Friday – Wear BLUE. BRAVE: When in doubt, talk it out.  Students will also attend a NetSmartz Assembly.

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!  Each day a student wears the color theme, their name will be entered into a drawing.  A second entry will be awarded for each signature returned to school from their Internet Safety Tips.  At the end of each day, names will be drawn for a prize.  On Friday, there will be a grand prize drawing. 

Thank you, PTA! 

Riverview Fundraiser

Thank you for supporting Riverview Elementary!

This year, we have raised over $8,000!!! WOW!  Funds will be used to purchase:

  1. Water bottle filling stations
  2. Headphone replacement
  3. New PE equipment

Mrs. Grant’s second-grade class had the most envelopes returned – they earned a pizza party!!

The second – grade, with the most returned envelopes will earn an ice cream party!!

We had 75% of the envelopes returned the school and earned a PJ Read-a-Thon Party!!

Fundraiser reward day will be Friday, March 11th.

Riverview Arts Day

What a great day!  Today each grade level learned about artists and participated in an art activity.  Many of the art projects will be hung in the halls to create a Riverview Art Gallery. 

Thank you, Mrs. Grant, for leading our Riverview Arts Day!

Online Registration for 2022-2023 School Year

Registration for the 2022-2023 is approaching and will be completed online.  

  • Existing students may begin online registration on March 21st.
  • Students new to Nebo School District will begin online registration on April 11th.

For those families who will have a Kindergarten student joining us please be familiar with the Ready Set Go Kindergarten USBE Pamphlet

If this is your first time completing a registration packet online, you will be asked to create an account. 

When creating an account, please gather the following: 

  • Household information -- address and phone numbers
  • Parent information -- work and cell phone numbers, email addresses
  • Student information -- demographic and health/medication information
  • Emergency contact -- phone numbers

Be prepared to upload the following documents:

  • Proofs of residency - You will need two (utility bill, bank statement, current lease, mortgage statement, etc.)
  • Birth certificate of the student
  • Health/medical information

If you are not able to upload documents, you may submit the application without them. However, you will be required to provide at least proof of residency before your application will be approved.

Next steps:

  • Check your email - you will receive emails to confirm submission, if there are issues with the application, and when your application is approved. If you do not receive an email, be sure to check your spam folder! 
  • When you are approved, the email will include information for accessing your Parent Portal account - keep this for future reference.
  • To complete enrollment, please be prepared to provide the following documentation (if applicable):
    • Any existing legal custody/divorce decree or guardianship documents

Upcoming Events

  • February 28th – March 4th – PTA White Ribbon Week
  • March 1st – Fire Drill
  • March 2nd – PTA meeting @ 1:00 in the faculty room
  • March 3rd – 5th Grade NOVA
  • March 4th – NetSmartz Assembly, Spirit Friday, Treat Friday, and Rockin’ Recess
  • March 9th – NO SCHOOL
  • March 10th – 5th Grade NOVA
  • March 11th – Fundraiser Reward Day
  • March 14th – 18th – Teacher Appreciation Week
  • March 17th – Make Your Mark Assembly, SEP Conferences
  • March 18th – NO SCHOOL
  • March 21st – First Day of Fourth Term
  • March 22nd – Kindergarten Picture Day
  • March 23rd – 1st Grade Field Trip to the Zoo
  • March 24th – 5th Grade NOVA
  • March 28th – April 1st – Penny Wars; SFHS Scholarship
  • March 29th – Fiesta Day Reading Challenge Assembly
  • March 31st & April 1st – Third Term Good Citizen Reward; Swimming at Clyde Rec Center

Thank you,

Mrs. Angie Killian, Principal of Riverview