World Class Principal!

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Picture of Angie Killian in front of her office door decorated with words saying,  "Thank you for helping us grow."  The door is covered with paper with a yellow sun and red, yellow, and white paper flowers.

We celebrated Mrs. Killian on Principal Day - while students have to think about studying and teachers about teaching, our principal, Mrs. Killian, has a lot more on her mind pertaining to the school.  From helping students achieve, managing students, and living up to their parents' expectations.  Mrs. Killian is genuinely dedicated to her job as she works tirelessly to make sure the job is done and done right.   Another thing that makes Mrs. Killian worthy of recognition is that if she is not in her office busy working, you will find her visiting the classroom and working with students, working in the lunchroom, or outside duty.  Mrs. Killain would never ask something from someone that she would not do herself.   These actions make the school principal more than just the head of a school but a true teacher leader who makes a difference in the lives of students and teachers.  Mrs. Killian aims to make Riverview Elementary better in the best ways for all stakeholders.  We love Mrs. Killain and are grateful for her love and dedication to Riverview - Thank you, Mrs. Killian, for being a wonderful example and helping us grow!

Sherilyn Woodhouse