2nd Grade Hosts 4th Annual “Take a Veteran to School" Day

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Riverview 2nd Grade classes partnered with the History Channel for a celebration of our veterans for Veterans' Day.  Students invited family members or friends  who serve or have served in the military to visit our classrooms.  The veterans spoke about their duties and what branch of the military they belonged to.  They showed photos and uniforms and told stories of their duties and places they served. 

Students decorated paper stars with a thank you message to give to the veterans and were able to shake these heroes' hands and get their autographs!  The second graders learned a lot about veterans and what they do to keep us safe.  They have paved the way for us to enjoy our freedom.  The students learned that children all over the world are just like them and love to smile and play.  Riverview students are thankful for our veterans and military who let us continue to attend school and live a wonderful life.  Students had a great time celebrating real superheroes and learning a little more about veterans and their families and what they do for us as a country.