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 Say Hello To:  Miss Johnson

On the weekend, She loves to read, paint and visit family.

If you could have lunch with any fictional character, who would it be? Albus Dumbledore

Who was your favorite teacher and why? My sixth grade teacher-he made learning a lot of fun.  He wasn’t afraid to play with us and do fun things.

If you were given a $1000 - what would you buy? Books, paint supplies and fun socks!

Who or what inspires you? My older brother, he is always working so hard helping other people.

Share a memory of school: One time we went to school and we were having a read a thon.  We were able to wear pj’s to school, it was my first time wearing them to school and it felt weird but I had so much fun reading!

What is your favorite thing to teach every year? Art

What is the best thing about your job? I love being able to inspire students and helping them to realize how special they are!


  • Pizza: Tomato basil pizza

  • Book/author: Megan Whalen Turner 

  • Ice cream: Burnt almond fudge

  • Sport: Volleyball

  • Color: Blue

  • Snack:  Fruit

  • Zoo Animal: Penguin

  • Recess game: Dodgeball