Harold Scoble, Rock Sculptor, Painter, and all-around Artist Comes to Riverview to Teach 4th Graders about Rocks and Minerals

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4th grade students were very lucky to have Mr. Harold Scoble come to Riverview Elementary. He is the great grandfather of Madison Welling, a 5th grade student at this great school.

Mr. Scoble displayed hundreds of his rocks and minerals, for the 4th graders to admire, as he talked about them and the history behind them. Some of his rock collection included; alabaster, shale, obsidian, marble, fools gold, petrified dinosaur bone and even petrified dinosaur skin!!! Students were absolutely enthralled. After Mr. Scoble's presentation, he gave each of our 108 students a sack filled with two kinds of beautiful prescious rocks. The students and teachers were very grateful for all of his hard work. He cut rocks for hours and hours, three weeks prior to coming to our school, so he could show the students the inside, or middle, of some of his beautiful rocks.

Mr. Scoble has rock sculptures in New York City. He is a very talented individual. The 4th grade would like to thank him for coming to our school. The 4th grade would also like to thank Maddi Welling and her mother, Molly Welling for helping to arrange everything. It took a lot of time and effort on behalf of the Welling family to bring this display to our school. Thank you so much!!!