Riverview Elementary Newsletter

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Principal Moment

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, some Riverview students have been writing what they are thankful for.  There’s nothing more real than asking a student a serious question to see what the response will be. 

“I’m thankful for being a beautiful dancer!  

“I’m thankful for my dad.”

“I am thankful for yummy cookies.”

“I’m thankful that I can climb trees.”

“I’m thankful for my family and house.”

“I’m thankful that I can do a back flip.”

During this most unusual school year, I have come up with an unconventional gratitude list.

  1. Laughter- It cures heavy hearts and tired minds and sick bodies.  It is contagious and happiness-inducing.  I recommend it.  Lots of it.
  2. Smells- I am acutely aware of smells this year and grateful that I can detect the scent of musty lost and found clothes, lunch being prepared in the cafeteria, hand sanitizer and the smell of children after playing hard outside.  
  3. Lunchroom – Even more than the free meals for all students, the lunchroom is about school culture.  Ask kids what their favorite part of the day is, lunch always ranks high on the list because there is a sense of community from talking over a sit-down meal.   
  4. You-I am grateful for this community.  Riverview is a great place to learn and grow and seek inspiration and motivation and acceptance and love.

I want to wish all Happy Thanksgiving!  There will be no school Nov. 25th – 27th. 

Theme for Food/Clothing Drive; One Can, Two Can, Who Can, You Can! – November 9th – December 11th

Riverview student council is pleased to announce the 12th annual Food and Clothing Drive.  The donated food and clothing will be given to families in our school and the Nebo Pantry.

The Nebo Pantry is for homeless and transient students in our district.  The district has over 1,500 students in this situation.  The Nebo Pantry is in extreme need of boys and girl’s underwear, socks, gloves, hats and coats in all children sizes. 

Each can of food donated is worth 1 point.  Clothing is worth 5 points. The class per grade level that collects the most cans and bonus points will receive a root beer float party.

Sub for Santa Christmas Assistance

For over 35 years, United Way of Utah County's Sub for Santa has coordinated with local schools and nonprofits to provide gifts for children in Utah County. These gifts include books, educational toys, and winter clothes. This is a temporary Christmas assistance program that assists families that are not getting help from anyone else. Sub for Santa goes beyond Christmas.

To apply for Christmas Assistance, please visit subforsanta.org.  If you have questions, please call 801-356-6200.

 Upcoming Events

  • 9th – Dec. 11th – Food/Clothing Drive
  • 25th – 27th – Thanksgiving Break
  • Dec. 4th of Dec – 5th & 6th grade virtual middle school registration presentation
  • Dec. 9th – 5th & 6th grade middle school registration forms due
  • Dec. 14th – 18th – Christmas Spirit Week
    • 14th – Candy Cane Day – Wear Red and White
    • 15th – Holiday Cheer from Head to Toe – Wear holiday hats, scarves and socks
    • 16th – Winter is Coming – Wear sweaters and vests
    • 17th – Fleece Navidad – Wear your favorite flannel or fleece
    • 18th – Comfy and Cozy are We – Wear PJ’s or cozy clothes