Riverview Elementary Weekly Newsletter

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Principal Moment

Some things we have to relearn at the start of each school year… how to turn a jump rope, how to cut straight with a paper cutter, how to unjam the copier, and how to say, “Walk!” really loud.  We also have to relearn how to get students to form straight lines, how to tug on the screen so it goes up on the first try,  how to tell if a child is feeling sick, and how to tell teacher jokes.   It’s good to be back.  A life amongst students is a rich life!

Learner Animal Characters

Have you ever felt stuck or frustrated when you are learning?  The Learning Pit and learner powers are about giving students courage when they feel stuck.  When we are stuck, we are actually doing our best learning.  

Using the learner powers helps students feel courageous when they get stuck.  Once students can identify which learning phase they are in, they can more easily select a learner power which will help them pass to the next phase in learning and begin their learning journey out of the pit and finally reach the point of breakthrough to "Hooray, I get this now!"

Last Friday, we introduced students to the learning pit and the learner powers and some new animals characters to help students recognize and adopt the habits of the learner powers.

This month we are going to focus on the ‘Be-Determined’ learner power.  Meet Spike Spider.  Spike is a spunky spider who has stickability.  He doesn’t give up and keeps trying until he reaches the top. Spike woke up one sunny day determined  to climb the water spout.  He began his climb, spinning sticky webs back and forth as he carefully climbed the spout.  But then the weather changed from sunny to rainy.  Down came the rain and went all down the water spout.  Spike found it hard to hang on and he slipped.  Down and down he fell further and further.  Then with a plonk he fell to the ground soaking wet and exhausted.  Did he sulk?  Did he slink away?  Nope!  He never lets setbacks get in his way.  Spike waited.  The sun came out a few hours later and he began his climb back up the water spout.   He doesn’t give up and keeps trying until he reaches the top.  Be like Spike Spider.  Keep trying.  Keep climbing until you make it to the top and finally get to say “Hooray, I Get This Now.”  

When you are Determined like Spike Spider, you…

  • Learn hard
  • Practice a lot
  • Keep going in the face of difficulty
  • Try new strategies
  • Ask for help
  • Start again
  • Take a brain break

Perks Program

Riverview has joined with Macey’s to help schools give back to our community.  Last year Riverview received a check for over $700 from Macey’s.    In order to join the program from Macey’s, please follow these easy steps.

  1. Log into your Macey's Perks account athttp://maceys.com/perks
  2. Select the "Nonprofits" tab
  3. Press the "select" button next to the school or charity you would like to link to your account.

Once your account is linked, you can view which school your account is linked to by logging into your Macey's Perks account at http://maceys.com/perks and selecting the "Nonprofits" tab or while shopping, ask a team member at the Macey’s customer service booth.

School Pictures

Picture Day is: Friday, September 13th, 2019.  You may order picture packets before picture day at mylifetouch.com

  1. Visit mylifetouch.com 
  2. Enter the picture day ID: 0Q020933MU
  3. Order your perfect package - and don't worry about returning anything on picture day!

Safety in the Parking Lots

Just a reminder to be aware of the new signage…there is a ‘no right turn’ sign as you leave the west drop off zone.  We encourage parents to park across the school at the sports park and we will safely get your children to you.

Thank you for being aware of students and each other in order to create a safe school for our community.

After-School Clubs

Registration for the after school clubs will be made available on Thursday, September 5th at 8:00 a.m.; www.riverview.edu under parents tab and click on the sign-up genius.  All information including schedules, club descriptions, registration forms and waivers will be available on the website.

Upcoming Events

  • Sept 13th – School Pictures
  • Sept 16th – School dismissed at noon. District training for all teachers.
  • September 24th – Earthquake Drill

Have a great week,

Mrs. Angie Killian, Principal