Riverview Elementary Weekly Newsletter

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Principal Moment

When I was a student in elementary school, I remember a teacher who had minimal patience when it came to teaching students new things.  He would get frustrated if students didn't 'get it' after one lesson.  He thought we weren't really trying.  

Teachers ask students to learn some pretty difficult concepts; how to read, multiply, and become persuasive writers.…I mean, why didn’t anyone tell me before I had children that I would have to live my homework nightmares all over again?

I recently walked into a fifth-grade classroom.  Students were using the area model to multiply.   One student was visibly frustrated and wanted to give up.  Her partner said, “Good, you are in the learning pit.”  The student calmed down and her partner talked her through the next steps of how to solve the problem.    

The learner powers help move students from being timid learners into more resilient learners.  I am very proud that Riverview students are beginning to talk about how learning feels.  The Learning Pit and Learner Powers help students face difficulty and uncertainty calmly and confidently. 

It’s great to be a Riverview Ram!

Learner Animal Characters

This month we are focusing on the ‘Be Determined’ learner power.   Spike Spider is the animal who helps us learn what being determined feels like.  Meet Spike Spider.  Spike is a spunky spider who has stickability.  He doesn’t give up and keeps trying until he reaches the top. Spike woke up one sunny day determined  to climb the water spout.  He began his climb, spinning sticky webs back and forth as he carefully climbed the spout.  But then the weather changed from sunny to rainy.  Down came the rain and went all down the water spout.  Spike found it hard to hang on and he slipped.  Down and down he fell further and further.  Then with a plonk he fell to the ground soaking wet and exhausted.  Did he sulk?  Did he slink away?  Nope!  He never lets setbacks get in his way.  Spike waited.  The sun came out a few hours later and he began his climb back up the water spout.   He doesn’t give up and keeps trying until he reaches the top.  Be like Spike Spider.  Keep trying.  Keep climbing until you make it to the top and finally get to say “Hooray, I Get This Now.”  


The PTA is in need of your help!  Many helpers make light work!  Please click on the link to become involved in the Riverview PTA. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0d4fa9a82faafa7-2019

Box Tops Competition; September 23rd – 27th.  Please send your unexpired, clipped along the dotted lines, box tops turned into your child’s teacher.  You can download a “box tops bonus app” onto your phone and earn extra box tops for our school. 

The Book Fair is coming up soon and PTA cannot put on this event without your help.  This is a fun way to get interact with students, as well as help put books into the classrooms.  Please click on the link to help with the book fair. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0f4daba923a0f49-book

Perks Program

Riverview has joined with Macey’s to help schools give back to our community.  Last year Riverview received a check for over $700 from Macey’s.    In order to join the program from Macey’s, please follow these easy steps.

  1. Log into your Macey's Perks account athttp://maceys.com/perks
  2. Select the "Nonprofits" tab
  3. Press the "select" button next to the school or charity you would like to link to your account.

Once your account is linked, you can view which school your account is linked to by logging into your Macey's Perks account at http://maceys.com/perks and selecting the "Nonprofits" tab or while shopping, ask a team member at the Macey’s customer service booth.

Upcoming Events

  • Sept 23rd – 27th – PTA Box Tops for Education Competition
  • Sept 24th – Earthquake Drill
  • Sept 25th – Bus Evacuation Drill (bus students only)
  • Oct. 3rd – Thanksgiving Point presentation too 3rd grade
  • Oct. 4th – PTA popcorn Friday/Spirit Day
  • Oct. 8th – Student Council Conference
  • Oct. 17th – 18th – FALL BREAK – No School
  • Oct. 20th – 25th – PTA Bookfair
  • Oct. 22nd – School Picture Make-up Day
  • Oct. 24th – SEP Conferences – 3:15-8:45 p.m./Family Night at Bookfair
  • Oct. 28th – 4th grade at Symphony/Make Your Mark Assembly
  • Oct. 28th – Nov. 1st – Red Ribbon Week
  • Oct. 31st - Halloween

Have a great week,

Mrs. Angie Killian, Principal