Riverview Elementary Weekly Newsletter

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Principal Moment

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend.   I am always delighted to welcome our learners back to school after a long weekend.

I am very proud of how seamlessly our Riverview learners have adapted to the face coverings, social distancing, and continue to remain flexible and positive as we strive to keep every child safe.

Some of the following message will be a repeat of last week’s newsletter.  Please glance through, we ask that you be familiar with what is happening at Riverview.  We thank you for your continued support. 

Smart Watches and Cell Phones

We take very seriously the responsibility of caring for your children while they are at school and in our care.  Recently we have an increase of students/parents contacting each other via communication devices and the office has not been made aware.  

The school office remains a vital and appropriate point of contact and can ensure your child is reached quickly and assisted in any relevant way.   We acknowledge that providing a child with a Smart Watch or Cell phone gives parents reassurance that they can contact their child if they need to speak to them urgently. 

Please read and understand the policy regarding Students are required to use phones/Smartwatches responsibly at all times.

  • The school is a workplace, and phone/Smartwatches can interfere with the atmosphere and good order of the workplace, even when in silent mode. Riverview expects that phones/Smartwatches will be switched off and be put away during and between lessons.
  • Unless permission is granted, mobile phones/Smartwatches should not be used to make calls, send SMS messages, surf the internet, take photos or use any other application during school lessons and other educational activities, between the hours of 8:45am and 2:15pm. Students are to use the office phones.
  • Phones/Smartwatches must always be switched off (not on silent mode).
  •  Mobile phones/Smartwatches must not disrupt classroom lessons with ring tones, music or beeping. Mobile phones/Smartwatches should be turned off during lesson time.
  • Mobile phones/Smartwatches should not to be taken into bathrooms or used in any situation that may cause embarrassment or discomfort to other students, staff or visitors to the school.
  • If a student breaches any of these rules, the phone/Smartwatch will be confiscated and given to the school office. The phone/Smartwatch will be returned at the end of the day when the parent collects it or stored in the school office until this happens.
  • Students who bring a mobile phone/Smartwatch to school should leave it put away when they arrive. To reduce the risk of theft during school hours, students who carry mobile phone/Smartwatch are advised to keep them well concealed and not ‘advertise’ they have them.
  • Mobile phones/Smartwatches that are found in the school and whose owner cannot be located should be handed to the office.
  • The school accepts no responsibility for replacing lost, stolen or damaged mobile phones/ Smartwatches.

Thank you for reviewing the policy and communicating with your child the expectations of Smart Watches and Cell Phones during the school day.


Again, I encourage you to participate in our PTA.  Membership is $7.00.  Please click on the link below to become a member of the Riverview PTA.  A strong home-school connection is one of the best indicators of students’ success.


 Box Tops Competition will be September 14th – 18th.

The PTA Reflections contest theme this year is, “I matter because…” Entries should be submitted before October 7th and will be judged entirely online.  Our marvelous PTA will send out more information about Reflections soon. 

Riverview Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

The Riverview Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals are the GPS for our school.  Together, they create a map that guides our decisions, informs our instruction, and challenges us to improve.  We are better together and I invite you to become part of our collective commitments that make Riverview an amazing school. 

Mission: Turning “I Can’t” into “I Can” through learning while giving support to students and faculty in a safe, respectful, and kind environment.

Vision: Working together with faculty, parents and students while maintaining positive and professional behaviors and attitudes in order to master student and teacher growth in a safe environment.



  • Cooperation - Respect Differences, Listen to All, Try New Things, Trust, Understand, Practice Patience
  • Commitment - Do and Be Our Best, Honest Self-Assessment of Personal and Academic Growth.
  • Positive Attitudes – Be willing to get in and out of the Learning Pit, Gratitude, Appreciation. 

Goal: Students will be able to self-assess their growth towards mastery of the essential standards.

Riverview Learner Powers

We continue to learn about Spike Spiker this month.  Spike Spider teaches us to Be-Determined and have stickability.  Students are learning to act like Spike Spider when in the Learning Pit and practice the following habits

·         Learn hard…if it is easy, we are probably practicing something that we have already learned.

  • Practice a lot
  • Keep going in the face of difficulty
  • Try new strategies
  • Ask for help
  • Start again
  • Take a brain break

A Reminder


Monday, September 21st is Minimal Day.  Students will be dismissed at noon.  Lunch will be served starting at 10:10. Buses will be running their routes.  There will be NO afternoon kindergarten.

Upcoming Events

  • September 14th – 18th – PTA Box Tops Competition
  • September 17th – Constitution Day; Wear Red, White and Blue
  • September 21st – Minimal Day; Students dismissed at noon
  • October 2nd – School Picture Day
  • October 15th & 16th – No School; Fall Break
  • October 26th – 29th – PTA Red/Green Ribbon Week
  • October 29th – SEP Zoom Conferences
  • October 30th – No School

Have a great week,

Mrs. Angie Killian, Principal