Riverview Rams Who are Making Their Mark in September!

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Each month Riverview holds a 'Make Your Mark' Assembly.  

The purpose of this assembly is to recognize outstanding behaviors, actions, and goals met by our students, faculty and staff.  Embracing challenge and sticking with it are actions that are intentionally taught at Riverview. We encourage Riverview Rams to be inspired by the success of others and 'magpie' ideas to create success for themselves.

  • September Employee who has gone above and beyond: Mrs. Sharla Thomas 
  • September Class that shows they are not afraid to enter the Learning Pit: Mr. Jordan Raddatz's Fourth Grade
  • September Students who embrace the learning challenge: Sophie Tregaskis, Lindy Bawden, Emily Ryskamp, Tara Okerlund, Kailee Mitchell, Addyson Bufton, Ryker Dominguez, Creed Olson, Presley Smith, Brigham Price, Gavin Leishman, Alex Breckenridge, Tyce Lemon, Hayden Mitchell, Raleigh Bigelow, Dax Snow, Kamryn Price, Gage Christensen, Kyler Smith, Teagan Haretuku, Peyton Page, Callie Parker, Alex Brisco, Wil Gunter, Tristan Ashdown, Riley Lambson, Lucy Evans, McCade Miller, Hudson Skollingsberg, KodiAnn Carter, Cassie Jepperson