Riverview's Crystal Apple Award

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Vivian Miner, 5th grade teacher at Riverview, was presented the Crystal Apple Award.  She was voted the winner by her colleagues who think she contributes amazing things to educating children.  Congratulations Mrs. Miner! 


This year I have the great opportunity to stand up here, and tell a wonderful teacher thanks.  This special person is Vivian Miner.  Vivian is married to Dean.  They have 4 wonderful children, Carol the oldest, then Emily followed by Dean 3, and then came Allison.  Vivian spoils her tremendous grandchildren. Vivian loves teaching.  She’s been at it for 24 years, starting at Santaquin Elementary, after graduating from BYU.  Following Santaquin she moved to Park Elementary where she earned her Masters in Math.  Then a difficult decision was made to come down to Riverview Elementary.  We are so lucky that she did.  She spends lots of hours making sure her students receive the best possible education.  Her students learn how to work hard and appreciate their education.  Just this last week we went to a play for our field trip and a mother of one of Vivian’s former students came up to us and told Vivian how much she appreciated Vivian as her daughter’s 5th grade teacher.  The daughter loved Mrs. Miner as her teacher.   I felt honored to be standing by such a remembered teacher.  I’m so honored to have been standing by her these last 4 years.  We have learned so much from this highly knowledged teacher.  Thanks, Vivian.  (Written by Heidi Bundy)

Heidi Bundy