White Ribbon Week

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White Ribbon Week is scheduled for January 23rd - 27th. Each day we will focus on a different way we can be smart and safe online.  There will be a dress-up theme to emphasize the idea for each day.  Students can earn tickets for prize drawings at the end of the week by dressing up, wearing their white bracelet each day (handed out on Monday), writing an essay ( grades 3-6) or coloring a picture (grades K-2), and signing the pledge.

MONDAY: Wear something yellow - “Proceed with CAUTION when downloading!”

  • I will not download anything without my parents’ permission.

TUESDAY: Wear a hoodie or a hat – “Protect Your Mind!”

  • I will crash and tell if anything online makes me feel uncomfortable.  I will protect my mind.

WEDNESDAY: Wear crazy hair or crazy clothes – “It is CRAZY to share your personal information!”

  • I will keep my personal information and passwords private.  I will only share them with a parent.

THURSDAY: Wear a scarf or tie – “Don’t get tied up in cyber bullying!”

  • I will not view, share, or pass along negative or embarrassing information.

FRIDAY: Wear white or Riverview shirts – “Let’s remember White Ribbon Week all year round!”

  • I will encourage those around me to make smart choices in media and online.