WOW- A Professional Author Comes To Riverview!!!

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That's "write", a professional author came to Riverview Elementary- to teach the students how to write stories and have more fun while doing it! Mrs. Hardman, the mother of Abby Hardman in Mrs. Bradford's class, came to teach the students how to get ideas to begin their stories. For many students, getting ideas to begin their stories is the HARDEST part of writing a story. Mrs. Hardman helped the students with many wonderful ideas to begin their stories. The students loved her ideas and have found their stories have been much easier to begin, since Mrs. Hardman came and taught them some "tricks" about how to get started. Thank you, Mrs. Hardman, for coming to Riverview and sharing your talent with us.

Mrs. Hardman has found pleasure in writing all of her life. She finds it both relaxing and exciting. She spent almost 15 years researching her first book, which is titled, Against the Giant. Mrs. Hardman has also published a second book titled, Santa's Secret. You can buy her books at bookstores or on-line.