Principal Newsletter January 16th-19th

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Principal Moment

When I was in teacher school, I learned a lot about how to teach the different subjects.  But most of what I know about teaching reading, I’ve learned from students.

My students taught me that when inviting children to the reading rug, it is much more exciting when the teacher hides a book behind her back than when she pulls it off the shelf.

They taught me that after gathering kids on the carpet – no matter how many times you say crisscross applesauce – someone in the front row will always sit on her knees.

They taught me that when the teacher shows her class a picture from a book, she must always move the book very slowly in front of them or they will whine, “I can’t see.”  And when the teacher is finished showing the picture, she will always have to show it again to one person who says, “I didn’t see it.”

My students taught me that whenever the teacher reads the word knock aloud, she should hit the desk at the same time.  When she reads yawn, she should make a good loud stretch.  And when she reads cleared her throat, she should accompany it with lots of noise in the back of her throat.

Students taught me that a child can read an entire page out loud and not pause at one single period. That same child will remember exactly who sat on the beanbag chair during silent reading time yesterday, last week, and two months ago but they won’t remember what they just finished reading two seconds ago.

They taught me that when I am reading a book to the children and ask them to make a prediction about what will happen next, it is entirely possible that one child will disregard my question completely and announce that I wore the same shoes yesterday and that my legs are hairy.

They taught me that if an ant crawls onto the cover of a child’s book during reading time, she will not flick it off-but carry the book carefully to the front of the room to show me.  When hearing that their lucky classmate has an ant crawling on her book,  the rest of the class will jump out of their chairs and run over to see our new visitor.  Reading will only assume after the dazed little guest has been carried outside to safety by all twenty-four children.

It is cool being a teacher.   It is also cool to go to school at Riverview! 

SEP Conferences

Thank you for attending SEP Conferences!   When teachers and parents work together to try and provide the best learning environment for learning; the child is the one who benefits the most.  We appreciate your support!

PBIS Assembly and Good Citizen Reward

The student body reviewed the PBIS rules last week.  Students re-learned that PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Support.  Students are learning to ‘Make their Mark and Make it Matter’ by being a R.A.M.  Ask your child what it means to be a R.A.M.  I also encourage you to visit the Riverview website at and familiarize yourself with PBIS at Riverview elementary.  Check out the fun videos!

This week, students joined in a 2nd term Good Citizen Reward...The Riverview Winter Olympics!  The games were opened with the Olympic Theme song.  Students had participated in a torch lighting ceremony.  They competed in speed skating, hockey, and figure skating.  Every student received a Riverview Gold Medal.  Thank you to all Riverview students for being great citizens!


I would like to invite you to check out two outstanding eBook libraries which allow you to access books anytime, anywhere and for free.   The Nebo Overdrive library can be accessed through  and the MyOn library is available at

Nebo Mobile App

Nebo School District has launched a free app.  This app may be used to view student information (schedules, grades, attendance, etc.) and school information (news, calendars, menus, etc), which is retrieved from various sources.

Install the “Nebo School District” mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.  Click the following link to access the append get full install instructions

Communication Options

Riverview School website 

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Riverview PTA

Please continue to check the website for additional information.

January Events

  • January 16th – First day of 3rd term; School Community Council meeting @ 3:30
  • January 18th – Good Citizen Reward for 4th – 6th grades; Winter Olympic Games
  • January 19th – Good Citizen Reward for K-3rd grades; Winter Olympics Games
  • January 26th – NetSmartz Assembly; K-2nd @ 1:50, 3rd-6th grades @ 2:20
  • January 29th – February 2nd – PTA White Ribbon Week
  • February 2nd – Utah Opera Assembly; K-3rd @ 9:00, 4th – 6th @ 10:00

Thank you,

Mrs. Angie Killian

Principal, Riverview Elementary