Principal Newsletter January 22nd - 26th

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Principal Moment

To celebrate the hundredth day of school, young children all over the country sing songs, shout cheers, read books, count numbers, chant poems, make murals, and string Froot Loop necklaces.  When I was a kid, no one celebrated 100th Day.  Now it’s huge.  On Monday, January 29th, Riverview 1st-6th grades will have been in school for 100 days.  

Some classes will discuss what they’d do if they had $100.  Some will write what they’ll be like in 100 years and draw pictures of how they will look.  Some will dress up as if they were 100 years old.  There will be old men and women everywhere; wrinkles, walkers, gray hair, no hair, and hearing aids. 

I wonder who the teacher was who started 100th day.  Did she have any idea that her cute little idea would turn into a national event?  Could she have ever imagined that her little brainstorm would cause Froot Loops’ stock to soar on Wall Street every January?  Happy 100th Day of School!


White Ribbon Week will be recognized January 29th – February 2nd.   The purpose of White Ribbon week is to increase awareness of the harm done by exposure to pornography. 

To kickoff White Ribbon Week, students will attend a NetSmartz assembly on Friday, January 26th.  This assembly teaches children how to be good digital citizens and to follow the rules of internet safety.  It is tailored to empower children to be safer on and offline.

Growing Arts in Nebo Schools (GAINS)

Nebo schools are working to create a culture where students are exposed to the various arts.  This year teachers have been receiving professional development on how to integrate drama into the curriculum.  On Friday, February 9th, Riverview will be walking to Spanish Fork High School to watch the drama department perform Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.  This field trip will allow students an opportunity to experience the elements of drama they have been learning about this year: character, conflict, story, and script. 

Please watch for a field trip permission form to be coming home.  Sign and return if you would like your child to participate.    

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Upcoming Events

  • January 16th – First day of 3rd term; School Community Council meeting @ 3:30
  • January 18th – Good Citizen Reward for 4th – 6th grades; Winter Olympic Games
  • January 19th – Good Citizen Reward for K-3rd grades; Winter Olympics Games
  • January 26th – NetSmartz Assembly; K-2nd @ 1:50, 3rd-6th grades @ 2:20
  • January 29th – February 2nd – PTA White Ribbon Week
  • February 2nd – Utah Opera Assembly; K-3rd @ 9:00, 4th – 6th @ 10:00

Thank you,

Mrs. Angie Killian

Principal, Riverview Elementary