May 2021

Riverview Elementary Newsletter

Submitted by angela.killian on Tue, 05/25/2021 - 10:41

Principal Moment

What an honor it is to be the principal at Riverview Elementary.  Thank you, Riverview Elementary Community, for coming together to take care of students.  It has been a great year!  Have a wonderful summer!

Students will be dismissed at noon on Friday.  Lunch will be served at 10:10 for those students who would like to eat lunch.  Pizza is the only menu item; other options will not be available.   Buses will be running the regular routes. 

Please continue to check the website throughout the summer for additional information. 

BYU Arts Parnership

Submitted by angela.killian on Mon, 05/24/2021 - 14:44

Riverview Elementary 2nd Grade Teachers Christy Nielson and Karen Grant were privileged to have guests from their local community and BYU, teach the students about some of  the indigenous peoples in North America.  Brenda Beyal (Director of the Native American Curriculum Initiative for BYU) and Shoshana Begay (Title XI Coordinator for the Nebo Indian Education Program) paired with Rachel Marie Kimball and Mrs.

Riverview Elementary Newsletter

Submitted by angela.killian on Wed, 05/12/2021 - 19:44

Principal Moment

This year on the last day of school, we will try to make it like any other day.  We will talk to kiddos in the hall; we will ask students and teachers what their plans are for summer, we will laugh at a joke that we have already heard twenty times.  Finally, the last bell will ring.  The year will be over.  Just like that.  

Bright Ideas

Submitted by angela.killian on Mon, 05/03/2021 - 16:55

Bright Ideas is for highly motivated students, interested in learning new things. Open to all students entering kindergarten through 7th grade this fall. See flier [CLICK HERE] for more information!