Learner Powers

What are Learner Powers about? They are about:

  • Helping young students to help themselves become better learners
  • Developing students' learning habits
  • Preparing young students for a lifetime of learning

Graphical Learner being aware and stating I am aware of myself for example my actions, thoughts, strengths, weaknesses, and next steps.Graphical Learner thinking and stating I have an idea, opinion, or belief about something.Graphical Learner wondering and stating I have the desire to be curious about something.Graphical Learner questioning and stating I find out.Graphical Learner reflecting and stating I think about and look back on my learning to enable me to best move forwardGraphical Learner connecting and stating I link knowledge and thinking together to create new understandings.Graphical Learner being determined and stating I do not give up when I am faced with a challenge.