October 2014

Who Wants To Be An Opera Star?


The Utah Opera performed for Riverview Students.  The opera performers had a game show called “Who Wants To Be An Opera Star.” The game show introduced students to the opera world.  Students learned about opera terms including an aria, duet, tutti, props, and costumes.  Students were able to listen and identify soprano, mezzo soprano, and tenor voices.  They performed songs with great emotion and the students were able to identify the emotion.  This was a fun way to learn more about opera.  Thank you Utah Opera! 

First Grade Butterflies

Bridgette Cheever

The first grade classes had the opportunity to watch and observe the life cycle of a butterfly. They observed the caterpillars' behavior and the making of a chrysalis. They loved watching the butterflies emerge from their chrysalis. The butterflies were beautiful. Some butterflies even came back to play!

Team Up Against Drugs

On Friday, for Red and Green Ribbon Week, Riverview students dressed in their favorite team color or Riverview school colors.  The theme was “Team up against drugs.”  Students in Mrs. Cook’s first grade class had fun showing off their team spirit!  Thanks for the great Red and Green Ribbon Week!  

Use your head, stay off drugs.


For Red and Green Ribbon Week, Riverview students had crazy hair or wore a hat.  The theme was “Use your head, stay off drugs.”  Students in Mrs. Mathis and Mrs. Lacrua’s third grade class loved showing off their crazy hair and fun hats!


Don't Get Mixed Up With Drugs!


On Wednesday, for Red and Green Ribbon Week, students dressed in green and mismatched clothing.  The theme was “Don’t get mixed up with drugs.”  Mrs. Chambers’ third grade class loved dressing in green and mismatched clothing.  


Say Goodnight to Drugs


Riverview students loved dressing in pajamas and sweats for Red and Green Ribbon Week on Tuesday.  The theme is to say goodnight to drugs.  Mrs. Rogers’ fourth grade class has enjoyed being in pajamas and learning about being healthy.

Red Rally Day

Mejken Lacrua

For Red and Green Ribbon Week, Riverview students enjoyed wearing red to school on Monday.   Students attended an assembly where they were encouraged to "Get up! Stand up! Speak out for a healthy life!"  Students recieved red and green ribbons to help them remember to strive for a healthy life.  We are excited for the activities during Red and Green Ribbon Week.  

Egg Drop

Katelyn Hansen

The 4th grade classes at Riverview were able to demonstrate their understanding of the scientific method by building their own project to keep their raw egg from cracking after being dropped off the roof of the school. The students enjoyed watching their eggs fall from the roof to see if they would survive.