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Be Determined

Submitted by angela.killian on Sat, 04/11/2020 - 12:39

Be-Determined.  We don't grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges.  

Meet Spike Spider. Spike is a spunky spider who has stickability.  He doesn’t give up and keeps trying until he reaches the top. Spike woke up one sunny day determined  to climb the water spout. He began his climb, spinning sticky webs back and forth as he carefully climbed the spout.  But then the weather changed from sunny to rainy. Down came the rain and went all down the water spout. Spike found it hard to hang on and he slipped.  Down and down he fell further and further. Then with a plonk he fell to the ground soaking wet and exhausted. Did he sulk? Did he slink away? Nope! He never lets setbacks get in his way.  Spike waited. The sun came out a few hours later and he began his climb back up the water spout. He doesn’t give up and keeps trying until he reaches the top. Be like Spike Spider. Keep trying.  Keep climbing until you make it to the top and finally get to say “Hooray, I Get This Now.”  

When you are Determined like Spike Spider, you…

  • Learn hard
  • Practice a lot
  • Keep going in the face of difficulty
  • Try new strategies
  • Ask for help
  • Start again
  • Take a brain break