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Riverview Elementary Weekly Newsletter

Submitted by angela.killian on Thu, 01/02/2020 - 18:27

Principal Moment

Today, I asked many students what they got for Christmas.  A few responded with, “Sick.”  We had over 124 students absent today.

Over the year’s teacher become quite good at telling when a child will be sick.  Germs are sequential.  They travel from side to side.  Seldom do they jump to the student behind or in front.  And they rarely skip rows.  If Ronny sits next to Sarah, and Sarah sits next to Anthony and Ronny is out sick, teachers know that Sarah will be sick in a day or two.  And when Sarah is out, we know that Anthony will soon be home watching Netflix and loading up on vitamins.

Our new school motto: “Wash your hands with soap,” “Button your coats,” “Put on your mittens,” “Cover your mouth when you cough,” and “Don’t sneeze on anyone!”

SEP Conferences

SEP Conferences will be held Thursday, January 9th from 3:15-8:45 PM.  You will be getting an email this week from SignUpGenius.  This email will allow you to visit the website, find your child’s teacher(s), and sign-up for the time that is most convenient to your individual schedule.  Parents, if you find a need to change your appointment the day of conferences, please contact the teacher so he/she is aware of the change. 

There will be no school for students on Friday, January 10th. Thank you.


Our wonderful volunteer PTA is looking for help providing a simple meal the night of SEP conference so that teachers can make it through the busy evening.   If you would like to participate, please follow this link to sign-up!/showSignUp/20f0f4dacac23a3ff2-sepdinner/12715074  

It’s about time to pre-order a yearbook!  Yearbooks can be ordered at  Order deadline for a yearbook is April 13th.

Learner Powers/Animal Characters

During morning announcements, I often tell students, “I hope you are thrown into the learning pit today!”  When learning is difficult – when your brain ‘hurts’ – I want students to know they are making their ‘learning muscles’ stronger.  When students are really struggling to understand something, I hope they remind themselves that uncomfortable feelings are an important part of learning: all learners have them!

Our learner character for January is Molly Monkey.  She lived on a beautiful island, in a banana tree.  Molly watched her mom swing from branch to branch to reach the yummy bananas.  “I’m hungry” she thought.  She used her long arms, reached for a branch with both arms and fell to the ground.  Molly’s mom picked her up and said “listen to my instructions and watch carefully and soon you will be able to reach the yummy bananas.”  Molly’s mom taught her how to swing her body, where to place her hands, and how to spot the ripest bananas.  “Now your turn.” said Molly’s mom. Molly tried again.  Her swing was wobbly, she forgot which branch to grab, she fell to the ground feeling frustrated.  Molly’s mom picked her up, gave her a hug, and told her to try again, but this time reflect on what she had been taught.   Molly slowed down, she thought about how to swing her body, which branches to grab and how to spy the ripest bananas.  She tried again.  “Hooray” shouted her mom; “You are making progress.  You will soon be able swinging through the branches just like me!”  Be like Molly Monkey. 

When you Reflect like Molly Monkey, you…

●        Respond to all feedback

●        Review your learning

●        Don’t worry if things go wrong

●        Have a growth-mindset

●        Make every piece of learning better than the last



Cold weather is upon us.  As my grandma used to say: “There is no such thing as bad weather…only bad clothing!”  Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather with clothing to keep him/her warm during recess.  Encourage your children to check the lost-n-found if they are missing clothing, we have many winter items.   

Riverview School Gear

Are you interested in purchasing Riverview gear for your child or yourself?  T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, beanies, caps, and water bottles with the Riverview logo are available for purchase at

January Upcoming Events

·         3rd – Popcorn Friday/Spirit Day

·         6th – Netsmartz Assembly

o   9:00 for 4th – 6th

o   9:45 for Kinder – 3rd

·         7th – NOVA begins for 5th grade

·         9th - SEP Conferences from 3:15 – 8:45

·         10th – No School for students

·         13th – Make Your Mark Assembly at 9:00

·         14th – Emergency Drill

·         20th – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – No School

·         21st – School Community Council Meeting at 3:15

·         28th – 30th – Second Term Good Citizen Rewards 

o   2nd – 6th have assigned days for swimming at Springville Recreation

o   Kinder & 1st have Wild Wonders animal show coming to Riverview

·         31st – Science Day

Thank you,

Mrs. Angie Killian

Principal, Riverview Elementary