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Riverview Teacher of the Year

Submitted by angela.killian on Tue, 03/10/2020 - 09:17
Congratulation Mr. Teuscher!


Mr. Lynn Teuscher is an amazing teacher!  He mentors teachers on his team, leads our science fair, been instrumental our participation in the Hope of America Freedom Festival, and every day his classroom is full of learning, involvement, and fun!  

Every year, he knows where every single student is precisely with their understanding, and has a plan to make sure they "get it".  Then he very willingly shares with his team.

A parent shared: "Mr. Teuscher is, in my opinion, a truly gifted educator.  His rapport with his student's is so natural and instinctive. He makes learning fun and treat all of his student's fairly.  My son was having a hard time grasping a concept in math and was becoming frustrated...he was available the very next morning before school to go over it with him one on one. He is one of those teachers that a child grows up to remember for the rest of their life.  He truly is one of the best teachers that my child has been fortunate enough to learn from."

A colleague shared: "Lynn fosters effective relationships.  Lynn's ability to build strong relationships are the reason he has been nomiated as the Riverview Teacher of the Year, received the Crystal Apple, and PEAK award.  He has a strong understand of the many facets of teacher observations, classroom instruction and collaboration. He provides a strong road map for others to follow and supports them in their work."

Thank you for making such a big impact in the lives of others!