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When What to Our Wondering Eyes...

Submitted by amy.nelson on Fri, 12/21/2012 - 19:32
Lisa Muirbrook

This morning, after the school had gathered together for the second grade program, Mrs. Muirbrook received a call from Sparkle the Elf explaining that Santa needed to land somewhere, and QUICK!  She said he could make a stop right there at Riverview. Students heard bumps on the roof as Santa landed his sleigh safely.  He came in to say hello to all of the students.  He reminded them that Christmas is a special time and to give their parents extra hugs and love.  He told everyone to continue being good, answered some questions, and then said goodbye, as he is very busy.  Everyone again heard the bumps and bangs of the reindeer and sleigh taking off.  It was a magical morning at Riverview!  We've been good this year, Santa! Come back and see us again soon!