April 2021

4th Grade Track Meet

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Cheers to our fourth grade students who participated in the 4th grade track meet.  Our 4th graders had a great time, even in the wet weather.  Thank you, Spanish Fork City and students for a super day!

News from Our Library

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This week will be the last week of book checkout for the Main library and the Take Home Library. All books will be due by Friday, May 14th. This is to allow for enough time to inventory all of our books. We are going to be holding a contest to get books returned quickly and fines paid. We will buy donuts for one class in each grade level. The first class to have all their books and/or fines paid in each grade level will get donuts for their class.  Thanks for a great year of reading! 

School Fundraiser

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Riverview is proud to announce the coloring book fundraiser. 

We have a limited supply of Learning Power Coloring Books created by our very own art teacher, Mrs. Sherratt.  These coloring books feature our school learner powers: Be Determined, Self-Aware, Connect, Think, Reflect, Question and Wonder. 

At Riverview we are not afraid to enter the learning pit because we know that our learner power friends are there to help us climb up to success.

Riverview Elementary Newsletter

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Principal Moment

No one is more cherished in the world than someone who lightens the burden of another.  We have many teachers, staff and secretaries who lighten the burdens of many. 

Last week our PTA honored our teachers, staff for Teacher Appreciation Week and we also recognized Mrs. Downey and Mrs. Sullivan for Secretaries Day. 

Congratulations to Our Fiesta Days Rodeo Reading Challenge Winners

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Nebo School District partners with Fiesta Days Rodeo team to challenge our elementary students in the Spanish Fork area to read more.

Students logged their reading for the month of March.  The following students are our grade level readers:

  • Kindergarten – Belle Snider
  • 1st Grade – Carter Oyler
  • 2nd Grade – Anna Lontine
  • 3rd Grade- McKay Snider
  • 4th Grade – Kailee Mitchell
  • 5th Grade – Zoe Cannon
  • 6th Grade – Justice Gardner

Congratulations to our 4th/5th Grade Keyboarding Winners

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These fourth and fifth grade students excelled in keyboarding this year.  They are not only fast, they are very accurate in typing.

Congratulations to Fourth Grade: Cruz Dahl, Tyce Doyle, Molly Duvall, Sarah Evans, Beckett Gropp, Kaylon Hansen, Kailee Mitchell, Analia Pelayo, Cameron Thompson and Paxton Whatcott.

Congratulations to Fifth Grade: Taima Anderson, Zoe Cannon, Zayzia Cerna, Tai Daniels, Owen Grant, Jillian Heap, Emily Jorgensen, Lexie Murray, Kailan Pelayo, Sadie Shelley, Allyson Thompson and Hayden Welch.

5th Grade Shadow Mountain

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The school year is quickly coming to an end and that means the Shadow Mountain Summer Camp season is right around the corner.   Students will have an orientation meeting in the school.  Here is some critical information that you should know.

Shadow Mountain is the Nebo School District sponsored summer camp for students attending Nebo District schools who are currently in the fifth grade.