May 2022

Riverview Elementary Newsletter

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Principal Moment

My Dear Wonderful Riverview Community.  In my messages each week I have tried to be transparent about my love for teaching, learning, teachers and students.  In a few short weeks, I will no longer be a Riverview Ram.  I am retiring.  Before I leave, I want to share a few thoughts.

World Class Principal!

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We celebrated Mrs. Killian on Principal Day - while students have to think about studying and teachers about teaching, our principal, Mrs. Killian, has a lot more on her mind pertaining to the school.  From helping students achieve, managing students, and living up to their parents' expectations.  Mrs. Killian is genuinely dedicated to her job as she works tirelessly to make sure the job is done and done right.   Another thing that makes Mrs.

Sherilyn Woodhouse